There’s No Stopping This Penguin

Blindy the Penguin lives in New Zealand’s Flea Bay with over 2,500 other penguin pals. At just 12 weeks old, Blindy has a story that stands out from the rest. Blindy was born without functioning eyes and has a malformed head and beak, which makes the penguin difficult to be gendered. Shireen Helps, owner of Read More

From Puppy Mill to Happily Ever After

Meet Corey, the blind dachshund with a big heart. Corey spent most of his life in a horrible puppy mill, until the Humane Society of the United States rescued him. It’s unclear how Corey lost his vision, but now he’s living a happy live with his loving adopter, Dori. (That’s right, Dori and Corey!) Despite Read More