Spotlight on Louis Theodore Douglas

Half-Shihtzu, half-Chewbacca, Louis Theodore Douglas has taken social media by storm. You can check out the pup’s latest on Instagram @LouisTheodoreDouglas.   Recently the Daily Biscuit got to chat with Louis Theodore Douglas.     The Daily Biscuit: We love your look, Louis Theodore Douglas! Do you have a go-to outfit?     Louis Theodore Read More

Spotlight on: Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue

Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue (PPPR) is a Florida-based 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue animal organization catering to senior, special needs, end-of-life and critical care pets. Their mission statement is, “Giving the unwanted a second chance at happily furever after.”   Founder Jaime Bunny McKnight not only rescues stray and abandoned animals, but also saves elderly shelter pets Read More

Animal Advocate Spotlight: The Pet Education Project

The Pet Education Project, or PEP!, is a 501(c)3 volunteer-run organization and outreach program educating and teaching the core responsibilities of pet ownership. PEP! strives to foster humane habits in children and local communities in order to reduce pet overpopulation, abuse, neglect and euthanasia. PEP! also promotes local animal adoptions. Check out the latest from Read More

Andrea Kelley Discusses the Wildlife Waystation

Television production manager Andrea Kelley grew up learning about and working with wild animals. Her godmother Martine Colette founded the Wildlife Waystation, one of the first animal sanctuaries established in the U.S. for wild and exotic animals. “I spent my summers with her in Los Angeles and learned as much as I could about animal Read More

6-Year-Old Reads to Shelter Dogs, “Because They Are Alone”

Jacob Tumalan is wise beyond his six years. After he visited Los Angeles’ Carson Animal Shelter last year, Jacob decided he wanted to regularly read to shelter dogs so they wouldn’t be lonely. Jacob’s aunt Lisa Dekowski-Ferranti volunteers at the local shelter where Jacob visits every Thursday after school. Ferrant explains, “Jacob is so calming. Read More

“Paw-ternity” Leave A Paw-sibility

Dreams do come true! New pet-parents that work at animal-loving companies may be able to expect paid “paw-ternity” leave in the near future. In the United Kingdom, Mars Petcare is one of the first companies to ever offer paid leave to employees with new pets. Mars’ HR Director Kate Menzies explains, “[W]e want to enable Read More

Cat and Dog Siblings Disagree About Who Should Get Tennis Ball

One power-hungry cat is determined to ruin his canine sibling’s day by claiming control over his beloved tennis ball. Like many parents, their pet-dad seems to think they should resolve the issue on their own. What does the feline friend want with a tennis ball anyway? Does the pup stage a coup? The world may Read More

Dog Recognizes His Human After Being Apart for Two Years

In 2014, Jose Andaverde was living in his car post-divorce. Concerned for his beloved dog Chaos, Andaverde asked his friend to temporarily house Chaos. “I wasn’t going to give him to a shelter. I wanted some place for him to be happy until I got back on my feet,” Andaverde explains. After Andaverde worked hard Read More

Cute Dog Video of the Day

This poor pooch is initially distraught about how to cross to the other side of a river. But have no fear! The daring bulldog finds an innovative way to get to the other side. How? Well there really are no words, so you’ll just have to witness it first hand. All we can say is, Read More

For the Love of Animals

Clothing designer and animal advocate Kimberly Fawn Panzarella has combined her two passions to make a literal fashion statement. Panzarella is the owner of the innovative clothing company, For the Love of Animals Apparel (FTLA Apparel), which is a cruelty-free and eco-friendly clothing line for animal lovers. “I’ve always loved animals. It’s just in my Read More

This Woman is on a Mission to Save Sloths

Becky Cliffe is a zoologist and PhD student at Swansea University, studying the adorable field of sloths. Her love for sloths further developed while spending five years researching the amount of orphaned animals suffering from deformities and albinism at the well known Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. The 25-year-old believes these genetic problems are a Read More

Former Captive Bear Thrilled to Splash Around Freely

This sweet bear named Tuffy spent most of his life cage-bound at a bear bile farm in Southeast Asia. Despite there being plenty of herbal and synthetic alternatives, the poor animal was kept captive in order to produce digestive fluid that supposedly has medicinal properties. Animals Asia rescued Tuffy and six other bears in Vietnam Read More

Dog Disrupts Brother’s Nap

Ever tried to take a nap, only for it to be interrupted by your annoying sibling? This pooch feels your pain. He’s just innocently slumbering while his bro gets his dig on. Maybe it’s a hot day and his brother thinks he’s helping his fellow four-legged friend cool down. Maybe he’s just trying to tell Read More

Dogs Eating Peanut Butter! What Could Be Better?

Pet photographer, Greg Murray, has captured the photos of your dreams. Behold, dogs eating peanut butter! “Two years ago I photographed a rescue, Bailey, who just looked sad no matter how happy she was because she was a mastiff,” Murray says. “I wanted to maker her happy, you know. I wanted to get her to Read More

Spotlight on Animal Advocate Katie Cleary

Model, actress and filmmaker Katie Cleary is also an animal welfare activist. Founder of the animal welfare organization Peace 4 Animals as well as World Animal News, Cleary’s activism reaches back to her childhood. “As an 11-year-old, I was passionate about being a vet or zoologist,” Cleary tells the Daily Biscuit. “Then I thought of Read More

Itty Bitty Kittens Rescued from Drain Pipe

On April 5, a group of tourists visiting the Cultural Centre in Araras, Brazil, heard mysterious meowing. Apparently a mother cat had placed her four kittens on a roof for safe keeping, but the sweet kitties fell into the nearby drain pipe and were trapped for nearly a week. The water treatment department had to Read More

Adorable Kitten Survives Against the Odds

On Thanksgiving morning last November, Branden Bingham and his family ran outside to play in the fresh foot of snow that had fallen overnight. That’s when Bingham’s oldest son discovered a nearly-frozen kitten in the snow. The family quickly rushed the cold kitty inside, performing CPR and warming it by the fireplace. Witness the cat’s miraculous Read More

Happy National Pet Day!

Today is National Pet Day! As you might recall, we recently admitted National Puppy Day was one of our favorite days of the year. Well, National Pet Day is definitely in our top favorites too! Founded in 2006 by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige, National Pet Day is meant to celebrate the joy pets bring Read More