2015-09-29_10-18-58Hi, my name is Yodel i am a red siberian husky and i love to talk. my human parents found me at a shelter, they were looking for fosters to take home until they are ready for a new loving family. Mommy says they heard me from the parking lot and I sounded like an animal being tortured (I was fine) they walked past me several times I was just 6 months old and I was wearing a belt as a collar. Every time they walked past I would call to them I knew I wanted to go home with them mommy wanted to take me home but daddy said I was too loud so I looked right at mommy and said “mama” I think it helped because they took me home! It was dark when we got home I met my new brother and loved him right from the start but then they opened a door and put me out side I was scared so I started yelling “help me help me mama” I scared a bunch of people they thought I was a woman yelling. I later realized that I was in my new back yard that night. Now I love my yard and my brothers and sisters my family. I have been with my family for almost 2 years now i have become a daddys boy and they love it when I talk to them I say “I love you” “mama” “oooh noo” “out” and more! Mama and daddy promise me I will never end up in a shelter again.