woofie-AND-BEAR-CHRISTMAS-ELFSI found Woofie & Bear on Facebook. They were in the Bakersfield shelter, and it was a bad time for this shelter. Parvo had struck, and dogs were dying. woofie had spent the summer in a high school parking lot before they caught him. Bear’s people gave him up. I offered to foster them. Then I fell in love with them. Suddenly I started seeing so many beautiful dogs on facebook, and they were being put to sleep, just because nobody know they existed! Woofie and Bear begged me to help, so I made some cute clothes (I used to design for Nipon and Dior) gathered some pro photographers, and we went to the shelter and took fancy headshots. my dogs turned me into a rescue advocate. My hope is that by dressing dogs, we will elevate the perception of these soulful creatures so that they are seen as the sentient beings that they are and not as property that can be easily disposed of.