imageIt was over the Easter weekend in 2013 whilst in the local outdoor shop when a friend sent a picture of a beagle in a kennel but with no message attached. My husband called the friend who said he was in the local shelter looking for a cat when they saw a beagle and thought of us. We already had a beagle called Clive and we had discussed getting him a friend. Whilst discussing in the car if we should go see the dog subconsciously we were driving in the direction of the shelter. When we turned up the dog was put on a walk so we waited until he returned, like a beagle it was curiosity that got to us. Then we saw the most delicate little boy that melted our hearts, we cuddled, stroked and patted and discussion the dog with the volunteers. We expressed interest but advised that as he had been rehomed twice already by the shelter there was a strict criteria to meet. Luckily we passed all questions however we were told to think about it before committing but they could not hold the dog for us. I kept calling through the week to see if anyone else had expressed interest or taking him but no one had so the following weekend we brought home a new beagle boy called Woody. We went to the free vet check which confirmed we had a dog but that he was younger than we were told. Initially we wanted an older dog but Woody turned out to be around 10 month and we were his third owner! At first everything was great he started to settle well but then his behaviour began to change, we new something was wrong. Then one day Woody could not move, clearly in so much pain but not making a sound. We had not yet gained his full trust. We took him to the vets and after a week of pain relief and a full body X-ray Woody appeared to be better but with no answer to his episode. Woodys behaviour still remained questionable but a month later the pain returned but this time we wanted answers, back to the vet and three days later after tests it was confirmed he had a water infection but also SRM, we were devastated. We had to treat the infection first which involved a weeks worth of antibiotics and testing at the end to see if it had gone. With the all clear we could now begin his steroid treatment which would be over 7 months. Woody was very poorly and the effects from the steroids led to a very tearing and tiring time which led to constant questions if we had done the right thing about getting another dog and tested our relationship. The were laughs but a lot more tears. Eventually woodys treatment finished and has been healthy since. In the year from finishing treatment this is when he has really settled and we have got to know him. He is a member of our family and we would never give up on him. I do believe that you do not chose a dog but they chose you and he must have known that we would take care of him. Everyday he is so eager to please and has the biggest toy box for a dog that I have seen.