10557168_1458157774440272_9045386141653307932_nIt’s thwee years since Mudda an’ mees human Brudda dwove all de way to Lincoln to Doris Bsnham Rescue to take a look at mees in mees kennel.
Dey bwought Harry wiv dem to see if wees hit it off…Bol!…wees ignored each other !
But I stared her out to make sure she took mees. I looked frough de office windows from mees kennel an’ stared an’ stared.
How could she wesist I fought ?
Dey looked after mees in de kennel. Dey got de wet to clean out mees ears, do sumfin’ for mees allergies an’ I fink de birds were short ob de nuts so dey had mine !
I was a little wotund so Mudda called mees Winston. I don’t wemember mees old name now an’ Mudda neber knew it… but dat doesn’t matter anymore.
I hab got mees paws under de table an’ Mudda says dey’s in her heart too.
An’ dere is mees beag-serbant Hawwy who is de best pillow eber in de whole world.
Mees human bruddas hab learned to keep dere bedwoom doors shut because I do a wegular patrol on de upper floor to clean up any food mess…. which I consider to be mees duty.
An’ Mudda must bees pwacticin’ to be a ballet dancer cos she says I keep her on her toes ! I cant fink why she sez dat at all !

Dis is Winston, happy an’weady for a snooze on de comfy couch in mees foreber home….