1005151117I have committed to rescuing dogs and cats one at a time. My specialty is senior, special needs and hospice adoptions or fosters. The dogs I have named are recent rescues…some have passed and some are safely thriving. As a senior myself, I am sympathetic to the fagility of old dogs lives. My house is small but filled with precious souls and lots of humour mixed with love. My bank account is tenuous but we eat! My goal is to ease the suffering of the unwanted, one pet at a time. Vivian was a forgotten and neglected back yard dog…she came to me matted and paranoid. She is now my spoiled bedmate. Shockers was struck by a car and turned in to be euthanized due to vet cost for care. I rehabilitated him after surgery and saved his leg. He now runs around like a maniac on all 4 legs. Squeaky is an elderly Chihuhua scheduled for euthanasia because of her snarky personality. She was caged for 15 years and never socialized. She is now the queen of the pack and will never ever see the inside of a cage again. The other 3 have passed but with equally sad stories.