IMG_0055Hi! Tam here, the voice of Callie, to tell you about my very own rescue dog, Teddy! Theodore “Teddy” Bear Falcor is such a sweet little guy who loves treats, rolling in rotten smells, and long walks through the neighborhood. Teddy has never seen a ball he didn’t like, and will do tricks just for fun! I met Teddy because I am a big time champion for animal rescue. When I was in 2nd grade my dad took me and my little brother to the Arizona Humane Society to look at a dog he saw there. It was instant love, and we picked up Zonie- our childhood dog that day! Having such fond memories of rescuing a dog, the first thing I did when I got my own place 5 years ago was start looking for a furry companion. The search didn’t last long. I saw Teddy’s face on the first rescue website I went to, and I immediately set out to meet him. He didn’t have a name, and he was very skinny; 6 pounds of tiny bones and poodle fluff on top. Teddy was very shy at first and clung to his foster parents’ chests like a baby. He was so cute and cuddly with them, but they warned me it took a little bit of warming up with Ted. Turns out this poor little guy had a pretty rough history of abuse and neglect, but lucky for him, he wound up at a shelter and into the rescue! There was no way I wasn’t going to win Teddy over, and by the end of the first visit he was in my lap and has been clinging to me ever since. We have so many adventures, camping, hiking, and napping. I’m glad to have been able to give Teddy a furr-ever home, and he and I are so very thankful for everyone that fosters, supports. and adopts rescue animals. – Tamara Garfield