image7My little dog Teddy A-gy was rescued with hundreds and hundreds of other dogs in Thailand. He and the other dogs were stuffed into metal cages piled on top of one another on a lorry which was found in a jungle area. The dogs were en route to Vietnam or China for dog food and for their fur. After being released from the cages they were taken to a pound where there were approximately 2,000 dogs and they would all have to fight for food and water. A kind Thai lady who had seen our little boy on the lorry, rescued him and a few others and drove them overnight to Bangkok. Teddy was taken to an animal hospital and he tested positive for distemper and he also had pneumonia. The first couple of weeks they didn’t think he would survive, but he did. He spent seven months in that hospital and all his vet fees were paid for by another kind Thai lady, who named him A-gy. On December 13th 2013, he and a few other rescue dogs were flown from Thailand to Amsterdam in Holland, then by ferry across the North Sea to England, where we picked up this beautiful little boy who had endured so very much. We named him Teddy and A-gy out of respect for the lady who sponsored him. We are so lucky to have this gorgeous little dog in our lives. He will never know hunger, thirst or suffer pain ever again. He is very much loved.