20151203_222943I always kept in touch with my local animal control center in my town to see all the dogs and cats up for adoption, and always encouraged my friends and family to adopt from shelters and rescues. One day, my friend, who shares the mutual love for animals, posted a picture of this dog named Spike. He was this short, but long puppy. He was pit bull and dachshund. A combination that most people stop and think about for a moment. I thought he was the cutest little guy and had to show my boyfriend. The next morning I woke up, and regularly, I would go to kickboxing. But instead, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to meet Spike. I immediately said YES! We got there, and met him. It took about 15 or so minutes for him to warm up to us, but after that, he was running at me with kisses and cuddles. I fell in love that instant. He was my fur ever fur baby. He is 7 months old, but fully grown. And I am so glad I could rescue my baby. From what I know, his previous owner was moving, and couldn’t take him. But that is all that I know of his past. I just know I will give him an amazing future fur ever 🙂