I saw a picture of Sadie on the Family Dogs New life Shelter site in 2009. I knew when I saw her face, she was my dog. She was horribly neglected and abused and the shelter director told me when I went to meet her, she may never be normal. I was warned, but saw something in her eyes — she was my dog, so I took her home. She’s taught me about patience, understanding, and living in the moment. To this day, there are things she doesn’t do well with or struggles with but I focus on what she does like such as flop down on grassy hills and slide down on her back, dance for treats and smile when I tell her she’s pretty. She smiles! I wish people would understand awesome dogs don’t have to be perfect, they just need to be perfect for you! I can’t imagine life without her.2016-03-02_14-46-14