1412806_10205333651686653_8398258201586550452_oI saw a photo of a dog whose eyes touched my heart. Those eyes were the eyes of a street dog in Romania. Who had been brutally captured by dog catchers and taken to a place called a shelter. Was hell a shelter ? because that’s just what life was like for this poor little dog. Shut away in the dark, no food, water or fresh air. Left to fade away and die. Not even the company of another dog to take comfort from, on those long days and even longer nights, with concrete for a bed . I just knew I had to find out more about that little dog, and how I could help her.
She was about a year and a half old , beautiful sheep like coat , the most human like eyes that I had ever seen in a dog . Those eyes that bore so deep into my heart.
I found out that Snoopy Rescue UK could bring that little dog home to me , so set about adopting her.
She firstly got her own collar to wear, and she wore it with pride. This told everyone that she was wanted. She was moved into a large kennel with other dogs that too were coming home . Fresh air ,good food and water everyday . A bed to sleep in and friends to play with.
I followed her life every day, saw photos , videos of her showing that there was a spark in those beautiful eyes.
The day came for her to come home. She travelled three days to get here. Arrived at midnight one night in March 2013.
She had never felt carpet on her paws, or the taste of chicken in her belly. She slept soundly that night , and every other night since .
In those first few weeks she was such a brave girl. Every sound made her jump and want to hide , even bird song in the hedge was scary. She learned to trust, and to know love. That every meal wasnt going to be her last That humans were kind and spoke gently and offered a soft hand. She learned that cars ,bikes , tractors were nothing to fear. That having a harness on meant fun times, and new adventures. She paddled in the sea and felt sand between her pads.
Most of all she learned how to be a dog , not a rescue dog , not a dog that lives under the pity of being called a rescue .
Yes she was rescued , but now she is just a dog. A very loving, loyal, trusting dog. That has a loyal, trusting and loving owner . This special dogs name Is ROMA.
Since Roma arrived , she now has two other very special Romanian dogs at home with her. All it took was a dog , with eyes that touched my heart .