Lake-Erie-055River started out tied at the end of someone’s driveway as a pup. He was intended to be a vicious guard dog, but he was too friendly, so he was dumped at the pound. Yes, abandoned for being “too friendly.” A home based rescue in Pennsylvania pulled him from the WV facility. He was adopted by a person who returned him the next day (“he barked too much”) and then by another person who also returned him (he knocked over a birdcage). By the time my now-husband, Mark, and I met him, he was just over a year old but had been in 3 homes and 2 shelters. When we walked into the rescue, he knocked Mark into the wall, barked like crazy and started eating the rescuer’s daughter’s lunch that was left where he could see it. We had seen enough…that was our dog. And a few years later, he served as the ring bearer in our wedding. It was the most well behaved he’s ever been. Everyone was shocked.
River is now 13-years-old and was diagnosed with Stage V Lymphoma in March 2015. The oncologist estimated that, with chemo, he would have about 8 months left. That was almost a year ago, and our boy hasn’t slowed down a bit. He’s still barking too much, knocking things over and stealing food…and we love every minute of it.