rambo-instaRAMBO was found walking the streets of San Diego. Pick up by the local Shelter, Rambo was broken down, a mess. He had kennel cough, teeth missing, and old age was against him. Rambo was 10. No one wanted him. The local Jack Russell Rescue of San Diego picked him up out of the shelters days prior to being put down. I had just lost my BF of 13 years Macho a Jack Russell. A friend asked mne if I was interested in “fostering” a Jack Russel while they found him a home. RAMBO was a wreck when I got him. I couldn’t touch him, he bit me over and over when I tried to touch him or help him. After months of trying I finally starting seeing some trust in him scared eyes. Over time I became a “Foster Failure” and started to fall in love with the guy and vice versa. We became inseparable as time grew between us. RAMBO fear of water also started to disappear. And soon I could not keep him out of my pool. He loved diving into the pool for a ball. A friend suggested I try “Dock Diving” with Rambo . I had never heard of it. We took a few lessons and in no time RAMBO was addicted to it. As soon as we pull up to a dock he spins and barks with joy. Recently Rambo won a Dock Diving contest for his division only the 2nd time he has ever competed,..at 12 years old ! . Rambo has gone from a unloved street dog to a Champion. Rambo has also been photographed with the Rockstar Brett Micheals supporting rescues. Rambo is featured with Brett in advertisement that says “You don’t have to be a Rockstar to resuce a dog,.but the dog you recuse will thing you are” Rambo is living proof ! I have many more pictures of Rambo also a short you tube video of when he first started jumping,…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4H_51Z1KUc