20150531_150515I went to Petsmart in January 2015 to buy cat litter. I was not looking to adopt a dog because I just lost my dog to liver cancer a couple of weeks prior. Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, IL was there with some of their adoptable dogs. As I was walking by I seen a little white dog sitting in a cage off to the side. I felt so bad for him because he kept bumping his nose on the cage. I asked about him and they told me he was 9 years old and a special needs dog. He was visually impaired. I asked to see him. When they brought him out, he wanted me to hold him. Right then and there I knew I was not going to leave him behind. I signed the adoption paperwork and brought him home. I left Petsmart with a dog and forgot the cat litter. He is the best dog and I am so in love with him. He has been a wonderful addition to my family.