FB_IMG_1450756430633Our rescue story is a little different, we have our Penny. Shes 16 years old. She became part of our family at the age of 6. One night I was driving home from work and saw a dog run in the street. I went and picked her up and saw she had tags and took her home. The owner said he let her go for a reason and that I could keep her. My husband and I immediately knew she was ours. She had enlarged nipples so we took her to the vet who said she hadn’t had puppies recently but had a hernia, enlarged heart, knee problems, breast and lung cancer. If we did the 7000 dollars worth of surgery it’d give her 6 months maybe. We couldn’t just put her down. So we put our faith in the surgery. Well, 10 years later she’s still kicking. She’s seen 4 kids come into our house and several foster puppies and kittens and has mothered them all. She now has a condition with her eyes we are working on getting fixed. Her eyes Dont produce tears so she’s on synthetic tears. She is the sweetest most kind dog who has defeat many odds. She’s our wonderful rescue dog.