DSC01397This is not a story of a dog in complete anguish, or a dog with super powers, or a dog dealt a very terrible hand in life. Nor am I, Monty’s mom, a hero by any sense of the word. What this is rather, is the story of the greatest love I’ve ever felt toward anyone or anything. Monty, is a 6-year-old black lab, and my favorite thing in the world. Five years ago, I bought my first home and wanted to share it with a dog. I had found Monty on line. He was a rescue at North East Ohio Labrador Retriever Rescue, in Canfiled, OH. I originally traveled 3 hours to meet another dog listed on the website, but as it turns out, that dog was at the vet due to a foot injury. I left thinking it was a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. I made the drive home, and felt sad and disappointed. A few months passed, and I decided to call the rescue. They said they had many other dogs available, so I went on the website, and found the picture of Monty. He was not looking into the camera,which makes sense now, considering he is awfully camera shy. I went to meet him, and fell in love, but I didn’t want to make any hasty decisions, so I decided to think about all the things involved before bringing him home. As I turned to leave, Monty looked at me, with these beautiful, pleading amber-colored eyes, “Why are you leaving me here?”, they said. I went home that night and couldn’t get that cute face out of my mind. I called the woman from the rescue, and said, I couldn’t stand it any longer, I was going to take Monty. I brought him home,and I was afraid of what he might do when I was away all day at work. At first, I placed up baby gates and restricted him to My bedroom. After two days of him not destroying anything, including the shoes I forgot to put in the closet, I decided to give him the run of the house. To my surprise he did not do anything. He has always been a very well behaved boy. Life was great for both of us, until one day, about 7 months later, Monty was unable to move or stand. I had taken him to vet, and they discovered that he had heartworm disease. I was terrified. He had to go through two rounds of therapy which can be fatal. Monty was not allowed to move or play for almost a month. Too much movement could’ve proven deadly. He had to depend and rely on me for everything. Monty pulled through,and is now happy and healthy. But that experience, on the bright side, without either of us realizing it, forced us to develop an inextricable bond Monty needed me, and I loved being needed. That continues on today, and everyday. Monty is life. My world revolves him, and I don’t mind a bit. I talk to him, and I think he understands a lot of what I say to him. At least a lot more than most humans I converse with. He is the most loving, docile baby boy I have ever met. Monty is also somewhat of a celebrity in in our neighborhood. When we are on our walks all the neighbors are sure to greet him, and some even give him a treat, and Monty is especially aware where these neighbors live. This past fall a friend found two stray sister kittens, huddled together under a tractor. Both were so small, that the vet thought they had just very recently been born. Unfortunately, only one of the kittens survived, and my friend was looking for a home for her. After hearing the story, I wanted to adopt her, but wasn’t sure how Monty would receive this new addition. I should’ve never doubted him. He has accepted his new, sister, Edith Ann, with open paws, and Edith Ann, now 6 months old, loves her big brother. And I am as smitten with her as I am Monty. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have been given the two smartest, sweetest, most perfect babies in the whole world. We are now one big happy family. And they all lived happily ever after.