354353f9-66ae-4fef-8b3b-fe543bf6a71eMisty was at a @Petco adoption event. She was 20 lbs under weight. She had milk as she had recently have had puppies. We were told she was about 18 months old & was pulled from a shelter on death row. I had lost my dog of 13 yrs George only 6 weeks prior to this. I was reluctant to even ask about her as I thought she was a mess & would be too much trouble to take care of. My husband prodded me to go take her for a walk. She was a bit taken back as I walked her on the leash. She looked at me with a blank stare & really not responding to me. I wasn’t sure but after much discussion we filled out paperwork & took her home. The first stipulation was she got along with our 4 rescue cats. It was a interesting 1st week. But she was starting to warm up to me as I was her primary caretaker. We had a 7 day period where she could be returned to the rescue. She grew into a wonder dog. As of 12/21/15 is her 2 year Gotcha Day. I can’t imagine life without her as she is a perfect girl. She protects her cats as if they are her responsibility. She is a protective of our home but a cat/dog/people friendly member of our family. She also has her own Twitter account (Misty K9 Mountfort @vegasrue.com) & has over 300 followers. She’s active & tweets daily with dogs &cats from all over the world. I reflect back on that day in December 2013 & ask myself who rescued who?