IMG_9959My Name Is Milk and I am rescue pup saved from criminal activity by our local shelter at only a few weeks of age. I was one foster puppy of a litter of seven, and I was the lucky one to have a spotlight on TV! My new mom found me on a post by a local Bully Walk group, and fought to make sure she got me. Although, Mommers thought I was a girl at first, cause that’s how I was labeled at the shelter BOL! Luckily somebody figured out that I was a boy, and Mommers still wanted me!
I am currently training to be a therapy dog and a service dog, all while fighting BSL & animal cruelty. I’m also starting a non-profit to help save more animals through rescue and public education. I love life and enjoy my days with 3 doggie siblings, 4 kitty siblings, and the litters of foster puppies and kittens that occasionally speckle the house.