11825739_560056320802414_3340655312138006013_nMaster Splinter is a 12 year old mix that was isolated in a cage alone in a back room in hoarders house filled with trash and feces for his entire life. Splinter was rescued on March 28, 2015 from Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue and treated for his extensive medical issues due to neglect. Splinter is blind, hairless due to testicular cancer and neglect, partial deaf due to tick infestation in his ear canal, infected paw pads, broken teeth and had a 6 pound tumor attached to his spleen. Splinter is a beacon of hope and inspiration! He has a fan base of over 350,000 followers that raised close to $17,000 to address his medical issues . Splinter now lives in his forever home and posts daily affirmations to his fans to show his continued progress and renewed faith in life. Even with all the bad, this little soul is the most loving and accepting soul bringing light to all those that follow and raises the awareness of animal cruelty and benefit of animal rescue / adoption.