Maggie-Before-After-2A little over 4 years ago, my hubby and I went to a rural lumber store owned by friends of ours. We happened to take our two standard poodles that day just for the ride, and while hubby and the owner were talking outside I took our 2 girls for a walk around the property. As I walked them back toward our truck, the owner spotted me and our girls and mentioned that they had been feeding and caring for a “poodle mix” that they found eating out of their dumpster a couple weeks prior. They didn’t know where she came from, but every day when they opened she would show up, and they would allow her into the store office. They brought her out to show us, and I knelt down to greet her. She immediately melted into me, looked up into my eyes thru her long shaggy hair and I felt her say, “I just want to be loved.” I was blown away by the experience, and I looked up to my husband and said, “Oh Mike!” He put his face in his hands, and said “Oh no”. Long story short, we let them know we would be glad to take her home with us on our 10 acre country property. We weren’t sure if she was a full-blooded poodle, but we didn’t care. I even thought she may have been a labradoodle, but her sweetness and gratefulness for attention and love had already won me over, so it was a done deal, regardless. We got her home, and took her to our groomer the very next day. She had never been groomed, and was approximately 5-6 months old we believe. When I went to pick her up at the groomer, I walked in, saw her and burst into tears. I could not believe the beauty that was under all that fur. I hate to think what her life had been like all summer long that year here in Florida, she had to be miserably hot. But she is now ours, happy and healthy, well cared for, and deeply loved by us and her new sisters. Meet Maggie, our rescue Poodle.