IMG_2898Kronos is a 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix. He is unique in looks and character with frosty fur and giraffe speckled lanky legs. He has one icy blue eye and one fiery silver-gold.

Kronos was born as a stray on the side of the road. Mom and pups were pulled by ACDR after being turned into Pinal Animal Shelter. In December 2012, I went to Tucson to photograph fosters and pick up a pup to foster.

I was looking for a pup to add to my family as a Christmas present to myself that I wanted my Heeler, Bella, to help raise. Having lost my second parent earlier that same year, I knew Christmas would be a little sad. I’d had my eye on a blue boy and couldn’t wait to see if he would be a good fit, but was asked to take second pup with two colored eyes to foster temporarily. My brother named him Chronos for the God of Time because he looked like a wizened soul, though I spelled it with a “K.”

The little houndy-eared pup with two-tone eyes decided from the get go I was his person and he was meant to stay. When I tried to snuggle with his brother, Kronos would wriggle between us. Kronos played with me while his brother sat there and stared. He climbed the puppy pen, raced to find me, and cried when I left the room. When I was upset about a potential adopter being the wrong fit for another foster I had and having to say so, Kronos put his paws on my chest and forehead on mine as if to say everything would be ok before curling up in my lap to sleep. In January 2013 I officially adopted Kronos.

After suspecting for awhile he had something wrong with his hearing, I got his BAER and the results were he is unilaterally deaf-he cannot hear out of his right ear. That doesn’t slow him down much. Kronos loves diving into water, going for car rides, playing with his sisters, hiking, learning tricks, and more. His favorite toy is his jolly ball which he holds between his paws and crushes in his mouth, he has received his Novice Trick Dog Title and is in training for his CGC, and he makes otherworldly dinosaur noises.

We had a litter reunion when he was a year and loved meeting his siblings-we still keep in contact with many of them.

Kronos’s photo has appeared in print publication including magazines, a book cover, and a calendar cover. His photo will appear in the credits of a movie coming out soon.

Kronos’s story did not end with being adopted. He keeps me active and has taught me much about learning and loving life. Kronos brightens my life every day by making me smile and laugh with his adorable antics, smile, and many expressions. He is my shadow, velcro dog, little wolfy pup, and wonderful companion.