My name is Kato, my background is a little unknown. It is believed I was abused by a big man because I am a little scared of them. I became a stray and was saved by a shelter in Tennessee. They deemed me unadoptable because I had some aggression issues but I was just scared. I was adopted by my furever home in Boston and my life changed forever. I was a little rebelious but with lots of love and some direction, my family helped me be the best dog I could be. I am not scared of men any more and I love to run and play. My mom and I do exercises so I can feel like I have a job. I am her running partner when she does her 4mile runs. My dad and I wrestle and play fetch. I have a little big sister (a chihuahua) who I like to snuggle with at night. I love to be scratched and loved to snuggle on the couch and watch the animal planet. 8 Below is my favorite movie and peanut butter is my favorite snack! 2016-03-07_11-08-01