Joy-sweetest-picI found Joy, our Border Collie, on Petfinder. Her story was so sad. She was rescued by a border collie rescue in Ohio from a horrible Amish puppy mill. Her puppies were taken from her before they were weaned. We found her as she was turning 2. Her name was already Joy because she is one. She is the most vibrant personality, always full of fun, love and affection. She loves her cat and has the best life in the world getting to live in two places, western, PA in the summer and FL in the winter. She is more than grateful for her life and we could not be happier to share everyday with her. When I adopted her from Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue, I adopted the rescue as well. It was a small rescue and since I am a publicist and writer, I made then a website, got them on Facebook and took and taught Dr. Summers social media. I now sit on her board of directors as well. Not only did I get the greatest dog, I was able to do even more good as a volunteer and continue to do so!