JPOur pup was rescued after being abandoned and abused as a puppy. He was extremely timid and so scared of everything and everybody. He was between 1 year to 2 years old and about 100 lb rot/shepard mix. He is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful black Shepard coat with Rottweiler markings. He was however intimating and because he was so timid, we were told by the shelter that people assumed he was not friendly and could not get along with others, but the shelter new differently and so did we. One day after my husband and I got married we went to have lunch next to a Petco and it so happen that a shelter was having an adoption day there. I said to my husband let’s just go “look”. About 30 minutes later, this dog decided that we were not leaving without him so we took him home and named him Jake. We were not sure how my little 10 lb Chihuahua named Pancho would react to this gigantic timid dog. They didn’t love each other instantly but they didn’t hate each other either. We soon found out that our Jake had big time separation anxiety and could jump a 6 ft fence with no problem….it took some time for him to get use to his home but now he knows he’s loved…. Pancho and him are buddies and although they won’t outwardly admit it, they do love each other and they snuggle up every now and then.