SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWell, I didn’t get either dog that I have now from a rescue, but saved both of them. Jake was purchased for $5 in So. Carolina while I was raveling by bicycle with Goldie, my Chow mix who almost was dumped at the pound by locals in Florida. After about 6 years she died, then Jake and I adopted a Cocker named Keely through a rescue, whom we lost last year to a flea med allergy after 4 yrs. Last February, Jake and I took in a sled dog named Snowball which we found on the internet for “free” up near Canada and is now named “Hopper”. Someone drove 3 hrs for us to pick her up. She really has helped fill the void of unexpectedly losing Keely, keeping us busy on our walks and in our daily lives. (2002-2015?)