image3This is Jack! He spent 4 1/2 years in a laboratory. He was rescued by a wonderful org called Beagle Freedom Project. He had never seen anything but the four walls of a sterile lab and the inside of his cage for over 4 years. When he was freed he got to finally see sunlight, the blue sky, and the feeling of grass under his feet instead of cold metal. Most importantly he now feels love and knows not everyone wants to hurt him. He still is very skittish and still learning to just be a dog. But every day I get to watch him experience new things, and learn more and more what love and freedom is! Now he is a representative for BFP. He shows people that testing happens on all kinds of animals! He shows that lab dogs can live wonderful lives after the lab, and shouldn’t be euthanized just because the study is over and they are not needed anymore. But his ultimate goal is to educate the public, to put an end to animal testing for good!! He is no longer just a number, he has a name! He is Jack!!