image (1) My husband who’s a police officer and I run a German Shepherd rescue and found this German Shepherd in a ditch off a major highway. He had been hit by a car and knocked down into the ditch. He could not stand up, could not walk, could not move. He had a broken leg and a broken pelvis and had bitten part of his tongue off.
This dog laid in this ditch for months.  He had nothing to eat and only the morning due to lick off the leaves to stay alive.

He was able to lay still in order not to be eaten by coyotes. He survived terrible storms beating down on him and hail beating his already battered body, he survived freezing cold nights with no shelter, survived with nothing to eat and he never gave up.

When we found him he was a skeleton. We had to nurse him back to health which meant one of us was with him around the clock.  We fed him tiny little meals every 2 hours 24 hours a day.

He has had to learn everything over again and is learning to trust humans. For weeks we could not touch him. He was scared to death.

This gives an insight as to what animal rescuers do day in and day out and the Love we have for animals.

These are recent pics of him learning how to be a dog again. We call him Highway Joe and he’s an amazing story of survival, hope and never giving up 🙂

image (2)