image1Gunny a French mastiff was found by a Norfolk SPCA worker walking down the street with a little white dog. We were out looking for a little dog for me. My husband saw “Brett” Gunny in a pen enjoying a chewy treat. I told him to ask if we could visit with him. He said but we are looking for a dog for you. We did and we were immediately captivated. After our background check we were approved.
Gunny’s front feet were kinda goofy and he tripped often. That never slowed him down. Later we adopted my little Chihuahua “Hooch” who became Gunny’s best friend. As time went on Gunny developed lesions on his cervical spine. My son and I had to carry him outside to potty. His loving disposition never changed. Every day I moved his legs for him and massaged him. Finally I had a vet prescribe prednisone and Gunny gained partial control over his legs again. With his meds and a donated quad cart Gunny’s quality of life was improved and thrived for two more years. Everyone that knew Gunny loved him and he loved everyone he met. He will be in our hearts forever. His passing was painful, but made space for another rescue in our home.