I found Faith and her brother Action Ace, while at work in November of 2012. I responded to a call of two Pitbulls chasing people in the parking garage. Upon arrival I first see Faith, she was dirty and very skinny, and I observed that there was a belt around her neck, as I approached her one of my coworkers said watch out for the brown on, he is protective of her. I look around the corner and see ACE. Ace also has a belt around his neck and is just as skinny. I reached out to the two and told them I was a friend. Faith came over to me and allowed me to pet her, and then Ace came over.  After giving the two some water and dog food that was in my car, I could see that the two were underfeed and neglected. I canceled the call to animal control and decided I was going to take the pups home with me. Once I got them home and cleaned them up I went to a local vet to check for microchips, but there wasn’t one. I decided to care for the two until the holidays were over, and that was when I be came a foster failure. Faith has gone on to be one of the most recognized face in dog surfing, board cast all over the world both in print and video. Faith always has earned her AKC CGC title and is working with children learning to read.