image2I had a common issue among woman with cervical cancer that led me to not have any kids in my mid 30’s. I thought I would be able to handle not having any children in my life, not being able to hear anyone call me “mommy” or “grandma” began to break my heart.

I became withdrawn a bit so my boyfriend drove to the animal shelter and said, “let’s see if they have any wiener dogs”. We went in and saw no sign of Weiner dogs. But there was cute little tiny 3 pound tan chihuahua and her tag said her name was Layla.

Everyone just went up to her cage and said “how cute” and kept walking but I asked the attendant if we can meet her. The attendant warned us that Layla is a screamer and to be ready.

When she brought her back to meet us she kept running behind my boyfriends foot to hide from the attendant. The attendant reached to pick her up and Layla began to screech from the top of her lungs.. She handed the dog to my boyfriend.

Layla was so comfy in my boyfriends arms that she just kept licking him. The attendant was surprised. That’s when I knew I wanted her.

Ever since that day I’ve had the most amazing little buddy! We spend all day together and take walks every other day. We even changed her name to Eggroll and everyone who meets her gets a kick out how Small and cute her name is.