SONY DSCDuncan McPiggles was once left abandoned, with only a rope around his neck. His “family” dropped him off at a vet’s office and said they didn’t care what happened to him. And then they just left him, tail wagging as he watched them leave. Luckily, some kind people rescued him and he came to our family as our Foster dog. We were determined to find him a home. He was gentle and mellow and had the shortest legs and biggest body we had ever seen. He was easy to fall in love with and eventually we knew he had already found his home. We named him Duncan McPiggles because he trots around like a little piggy and has the appetite to match the name! He is now a certified therapy dog, spreading his calm energy and loving vibes to the elderly and to kids who have behavioral issues. He whines excitedly whenever he sees a new person because he is so excited to greet him. Despite being unwanted by people in his past, he wants only to be loved by all people he encounters. Duncan is truly one of a kind. He has his own Instagram and Facebook where he models bow ties and updates his followers on his crazy exploits. In short, Duncan McPiggles is a rescue dog, bow tie aficionado and little piggy with a huge heart.