Django-after-smileMy boy big “black” as I often refer to him was found on the streets last November in very, very rough shape. He had a collar that was on him too tight for so long that it grew into his skin. His front teeth were ground down to points and you could see all the way to the root from being left in a kennel too long. He also has callouses all over from being confined to a small space where he could only lay down – all from being left in a kennel for hours and hours.

When he came to my home he was extremely ill with pneumonia and broken. It took over a month to get him on the mend. As a rescue foster home I knew I had to fatten him up and get him to as many events as possible so he could be adopted to his forever home.

I named him Django as it seemed fitting for a dog that was once a slave in one way or another.

It became evident that he was a well trained boy. He knew all obedience commands and learned new things rapidly.

I began the journey of dragging my Django boy to event after event. I’d sit patiently with him trying to convince people to look at him and give him a chance. You see black dogs take 3-4 times as long to be adopted. He also had his age (guessed around 10) to be another factor working against him.

After three months and almost no interest I couldn’t take it anymore. This boy had worked his way in my heart. I’m told that he sits patiently waiting for me at the window each time I leave the house.

In February 2015 Django was welcomed to his forever home – mine!

Click the links below to see pictures of this boy before and after 🙂