I am Cracky; I remember my story like it was yesterday!! I was only 8wks old when on a Wednesday morning someone threw me into a pool to drown!! I was stuck on top of the solar cover, with just enough water on it, so that every step I tried to take I would go under!! My rents fished me out and took me to the vet that afternoon!! After tests and blood work, it was discovered that I was infested with whip, round, and hook worms!! As if that wasn’t bad enough, add in the infestation of deer ticks and fleas!! I was so dehydrated, anemic, and hungry that the Doc said I would’ve been dead by Friday if they had not found me!! They went ahead and dipped me (even though I was too young) gave me some medicine and asked my Mommy what she wanted them to do with the ‘stray pup’!! To my surprise, and theirs, she asked them to give me my shots and make me a dog tag!! I had a home!! A real home with a bed and food!! I was all alone, and now I have a home with rents who adore me and two brofurs who of course look up to me!! I have a family; a real family!! That was almost 9yrs ago!! I’ll celebrate my birthday with a pawty again this year with my Twitter pals!! It’s hard to believe that at one time, I wasn’t wanted!!image1