image6Im a pawparent of two wonderful furbabies. Charlie and Ellie but it all started with Charlie. Because of him I’m a huge dog lover and now I want to rescue every unwanted and unloved furball. I literally stop in the middle of the road if I see a stray. All I want is to get them to s safe place. Try to in some way give them a second chance by at least getting them off the streets. I donate to non profit rescue agency. One I hold dear to my heart and I feel is doing wonderfull job is captain care. They worked very hard to have the shelter of which I rescued my Charlie from to allow them to help pawparents not surrender their furbabies by helping them financially. Along with other programs they have created to help furballs in the shelter get adopted faster and find a furever home. It’s all done through donations.

Charlie changed my way of seeing them in s whole different light. My Ellie came afterwords. We rescued her from a bad home. She was filled with fleas and warms. If we didn’t rescue her, she wouldn’t have made it.

I try my hardest to make sure they are healthy and happy. I don’t buy them food from the pet shops. I cook their food and make their treats. I don’t trust what’s out there.

Both my fur balls are everything to me. ??