BusterMeet Buster, my foster dog. He was saved from death row at the Brooklyn shelter by FOWA Rescue in August 2015. He was dumped there by his owner who was breeding and selling pit bull puppies. Buster was in rough shape when we got him. He was underweight and had an old injury to his right eye that permanently affected his vision. He was also very stressed out by his past life but was always very sweet. In spite of what he went through, his tail never stopped wagging and soaked up every bit of love like a sponge. At four years old, he looked like an old man but acted like a puppy but after some vet care, training, patience and love, Buster has thrived both physically and emotionally. He is now the handsome, happy pup he always deserved to be and is loved and spoiled every day by his foster mom and friends. One day he will find a forever home that loves and appreciates him as much as we do but until then he is safe and happy with us!