image3Bronson. That is my best friends name. He has white fur and 4 legs. He has got me through so much in the short 2 & 1/2 years that we have had him! He’s so funny and caring. The biggest personality of any dog I know!
Just over 2 years ago I started suffering with anxiety. I worked a very stressful job as an oilfield EMR. I wasn’t sleeping, couldn’t concentrate and I was always on the edge. So I took a stress leave from work. Being someone that is always on the go I was very board at home all day. So I told my then boyfriend (now husband) that I needed some company. I told him I wanted a dog. He only had 2 rules when choosing a dog : no sleeping in the bed, and it HAD to be from a rescue center! His family had always adopted their dogs and he would like to keep that going. More then happy with his compromises I started looking online.
We are from a small town with only one shelter. They do not usually have many dogs. So I started looking outside of town into a nearby city, Edmonton. I looked for a few days but I didn’t feel a connected with any of the other dogs the way I did the second I stumbled upon this photo of an albino Pekingese named Franky at the Infinite Woofs Rescue Society. He was so goofy looking. He had so much character. I knew from the second I seen him he was going to be it! I Texted my husband a picture of him and said “this is the one”!!! He sent back a response laughing. He didn’t think I was serious. Lol his picture was so funny looking that my husband that it was a joke…… Lol then I said “I’m not kidding. We are going to meet him this weekend.”
So that weekend we drove into edmonton where we had stopped at the SPCA and met a few other dogs first to make sure I wasn’t jumping on the first one that I liked his goofy photo. There just wasn’t a connection with any of them. So we made our way over to Franky’s foster moms house. She opened the door and all I heard was groaning noises. That was him. Lol he didn’t bark, he talked. Lol his foster mom let us take him for a walk to have some alone time. He was so full of himself. He did not care what anyone thought of him. He had enough personality for a Great Dane packed into his little stumpy self. They disn’t know much about him as he came from another rescue center and they didn’t have room for him. All they know was that he was surrendered, he was stubborn and knew no commands accept sit, but only with a treat. He was so spoilt that he would lay down at the stairs and wait for you to pick him up!! He was not climbing those stairs himself! His foster mom told us he was very stubborn and that he just was not learning any commands and maybe he was just a companion. That was ok with me! He was perfect.
We filled out our paperwork and came the next weekend to pick him up. We picked him up and To me he didn’t look like a Franky. He was a Bronson. He needed a regal name. So Bronson it was. He had some adjusting to do when he got to his new home with us. He had been living in the city for as far as we knew. And it was quite obvious he had never been on a farm. My husband is a cattle farmer. So there was all sorts of new smells and things to roll in. But the best part….. The room to run free! He loves going for walks off leash down a gravel road or in a feild. The difference in his attitude is astonishing. He now knows a full variety of commands and loves doing them just for a scratch on the ear. His favorite spot is on my lap while we watch tv in the evening or riding shotgun in my car. He is my best friend. He’s so funny and loving. He loves children, people, other dogs and trying to chase the cows! Lol I have to keep an eye on him during calving season. He wants to go play with them so bad. Lol he is now 5 & 1/2 years old and is still learning new tricks. He’s so smart. Everyone that meets him falls in love instantly. He helped me through my anxiety. I got to put all of my attention and caring into this little white ball of albino fluff! So who rescued who?