image17A couple of years ago my other rescue dog Pebbles developed seizures and had to be put down. I was so devistated I couldn’t be in the room with her when they did it..I didn’t want to see her go in front of me. A decision that I regret now everyday. I feel I left her die alone…I can’t forgive myself for my actions. Sorry, anyway after that my family kept wanting to go get another dog. I totally refused because I felt we were replacing her and nobody cared about her. After much pestering and persuading we went to the Montgomery County SPCA and came home with Bella. I tried so hard but couldn’t shake the guilt and the thought of replacing Pebbles. They are compleat opposite…Pebbles was laid back and loving…Bella is wound up and hyper. Jumping up at you the minute you come home knocking you over almost. Running around 90 miles an hour! Then one day it just hit me…dogs are like your children…some are laid back some are excited all the time. You don’t love you children any less because of there personality. Bella is definitely not Pebbles and I’m not gonna lie it took me awhile to warm up to her…but I know I have another friend. I know I’ll see my Pebbles again and play with her….but right now Bella wants me to throw her ball. Thank you!