BACON is just shy of 4 months old, he became and completed our family when he was just 8 weeks old.
Bacons story is as follows… He was born November 21st 2015 to a back yard breeder. He was bred to be a “designer” or “hybrid” Dog. Bacon was born one day later then his siblings, and so to he was born Blind. He was born with a condition called symblepharon which is a rare malformation for a puppy to be born especially with the severity his eyes suffer. Aside from this Bacon was a healthy beautiful puppy and his mother did not reject him, after a few weeks when the breeder decided Bacon would not not fetch him any money he pulled Bacon from his mother and siblings and wrapped this thriving sweet life in a blanket to conceal and and threw him (literally) in the garbage. As this was witnessed by a neighbor a small rescue was called. And so began Bacons journey (then known as Chance) as I was sitting randomly a rolly through FB one click led to another and there he was… Just this sweet lil guy. As I was not looking for a puppy I tried to fight the the immediate pull I had to be with him.. A sleepless night that found my thoughts only of him had me put adoption papers in forth with… I found out that there was concern that he may take some time to find furever home as there is a high possibility he may lose his eyes .. Within 3 days of seeing his picture Bacon and I became mother and son. He is adored by all of us in family and everyone who meets him. He is a smart spunky fantastic soul and I forget often that he is completely blind. Bacon I feel truley has a magical quality and gift to bring happiness to people and I fee so blessed that he rescued me and my family. Life without him seems like an old story. We feel everyday that he has always been with us and together is where we all belong. We welcome anyone who would like to follow or send a friend request on Bacons journey to do so via Facebook
Love is Blind. And Blind dogs see with their hearts. For this I believe and it is proven Dailey.image