My name is Alley, I am a yellow lab/sharpie mix and this is my story:
I was brought to a shelter when I was 2 years old from the home I lived in as a puppy.
I was there a short time then adopted by a College Student who was out for the summer. We had a great time playing and she gave me lots of love. But, then school started and she left for work and school leaving me alone for long periods of time. I was anxious and scared when she was gone so I chewed on her shoes and things that smelled like her so I wouldn’t feel alone. When she came home I greeted her smiling and wagging but she was angry with me and yelled at me. Soon, she returned me to the shelter saying I was too destructive.
Next, I was adopted by a family and had many other dog brothers and sisters. When I got home I didn’t know what was expected. When we were fed in a common trough I fought my brothers and sisters to try to find my place in the pack. My family got upset and took me back to the shelter again.
I was at the shelter for 4 months this time and began to withdraw being in a small cage where I could barely turn around. This was my last chance to find a home.
I was on death row when my Mommy came. She had Sharpeis before and didn’t mind my musky smell. I got separation anxiety when she went to work too and tore up several pair of shoes. I locked myself in the bathroom jamming the door only to be found smiling and wagging when Momma got the door open. Instead of taking me to the shelter, Momma fed me treats when she came home if I was good, If I was bad made me wear a muzzle until we went to bed. I didn’t like the muzzle and soon learned to behave. She loves me and says I saved her after her other dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Since then we moved from KS to TN, then VA and 3 years ago to AZ where I got a Daddy and Golden Retriever brother who loves to wrestle with me. I love my family and they love me very much.
I found my forever home.Alley-12-yrs-Apr-2015