image3I am a miniature wire haired dacshund. I was rescued from the Dogs Trust in Bridgend, Wales. This was the second time I had been put in the Dogs Trust. The first time was because my owner got poorly, the second time was due to what was called ‘Housing issues’.
Now I live in Wiltshire with my step brother and sis, Moss and Fern. They are Standard wire haired dacshund’s. They have welcomed me with open arms, and have totally accepted me. Mind you Fern is a bit scary when she grumps at me for nicking her toys. I have made myself totally at home, and don’t have to pretend to be all brave anymore. I have let my new family know that I like having my tummy tickled, I love kisses, and having my earoles scratched. I love my walks and luckily I have similar interests as my bro and sis in that we all like to roll in poo. I have been promised I will never have to go back to the dogs home again, and I believe them. I am writing this under the duvet in the big bed??. So I am already getting away with murder. I know I will be staying here forever now and will be spoilt rotten. I love my life and the only slight improvement I would make is to increase the number of snacks!!!!! But you can’t have everything.?