image15I rescue Basset Hounds.
Got a call to get to Topeka Kansas, there was a 7 week old up that needed rescuing ASAP. Drug dealers had bred some bassets and when they couldn’t get big $$$ for the pups and fast they drown 6 pups, they all perished, all except one little pup, they still had him for a few hours.. but would try again. I was 4 hours away by car, I drove as fast as I could into the scariest neighborhood and walked into squalor, as there was no door on this filthy house. There was tiny black baby basset on a couch very malnourished, his mom and dad were barking loudly at me– oh I wished I could have taken them also. There were two owners?? watching TV and I said I was there for the baby basset. They wanted money, I told them I was gonna take the puppy and run to a store and get them some money. I grabbed the puppy and ran to my car. I drove for 100 miles with that puppy on my lap, I was crying, and laughing and crying… I was a mess. I stopped to let the puppy potty and drink water and to really look at him, but of course he was a beautiful boy.. .. just malnourished and needing love.
That boy became our Abraham, he’s 22 months old and weighs 70 pounds now! He was indeed hungry.
He’s very special to us. Thank you.