Rescue Stories

Highway Joe

My husband who’s a police officer and I run a German Shepherd rescue and found this German Shepherd in a ditch off a major highway. He had been hit by a car and knocked down into the ditch. He could not stand up, could not walk, could not move. He had a broken leg and Read More


Forrest’s dad was in the military, but unfortunately was deployed overseas. Forrest had no one to stay with and ended up as a senior dog at the humane society in northern Minnesota. Poor guy was lonely, lost and as a Senior, his chances were slim. But…. Basset Buddies Rescue sprung him before he could be Read More


I am Cracky; I remember my story like it was yesterday!! I was only 8wks old when on a Wednesday morning someone threw me into a pool to drown!! I was stuck on top of the solar cover, with just enough water on it, so that every step I tried to take I would go Read More


BACON is just shy of 4 months old, he became and completed our family when he was just 8 weeks old. Bacons story is as follows… He was born November 21st 2015 to a back yard breeder. He was bred to be a “designer” or “hybrid” Dog. Bacon was born one day later then his Read More


My name is Kato, my background is a little unknown. It is believed I was abused by a big man because I am a little scared of them. I became a stray and was saved by a shelter in Tennessee. They deemed me unadoptable because I had some aggression issues but I was just scared. Read More

Milli Mae

This sweet girl is Milli Mae. She is a 3 month old Schnauzer mix. She came to our rescue group from a high kill shelter in New Mexico as a last minute save! It’s incredible to me that such a sweet tender soul was so near a horrible fate, she is very loved and is Read More


My name is Alley, I am a yellow lab/sharpie mix and this is my story: I was brought to a shelter when I was 2 years old from the home I lived in as a puppy. I was there a short time then adopted by a College Student who was out for the summer. We Read More

Jedediah Clampett Knowles

Jed was rescued by Suncoast Animal League in August of 2015. We picked him up at the emergency vet and he’s been with us ever since. He has a bad knee, scars all over him and his x-rays show bb’s. We fostered him through 10 weeks of pneumonia and his special knee surgery. We officially Read More


In September 2013 we decided to be foster parents for Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor, Florida. Kirby was surrendered by his owners at the emergency vet having been beat up by wild hogs for the third time. He had long surgeries and blood transfusions and fortunately survived the attack. Within 2 days, we knew Read More


Trek rescued us almost 4 years ago. Not a story that’s out of the ordinary but we thought we’d submit this just because Trek looks a lot like Baron! Could they be related? 🙂


We met our fur son Rico on 8/10/15. We have always wanted to rescue and came upon a picture of the lil pup. After meeting him and hearing his story, we knew he was ours. Rico is approximately 8 years old and has been in and out of rescues his whole life. This last time Read More


This is not a story of a dog in complete anguish, or a dog with super powers, or a dog dealt a very terrible hand in life. Nor am I, Monty’s mom, a hero by any sense of the word. What this is rather, is the story of the greatest love I’ve ever felt toward Read More


I had heard of dog fosterers having “foster failures” but I prided my self with never having caved. That was until I met Dallas. Dallas is a Chihuahua/corgi mix and came to the shelter with siblings all named after cities in Texas. He weighs 5 pounds soaking wet and his claim to fame is being Read More


Our little Schnoodle was seen wandering on the Parkway East on a cold December morning (approximately 4:00 am) by people passing by. Eventually she wandered into the Squirrel Hill Tunnel covered in snow and was seen huddled up against a wall by a Good Samaritan on here way home from work. She stopped traffic (including Read More


River started out tied at the end of someone’s driveway as a pup. He was intended to be a vicious guard dog, but he was too friendly, so he was dumped at the pound. Yes, abandoned for being “too friendly.” A home based rescue in Pennsylvania pulled him from the WV facility. He was adopted Read More


I adopted Janey in March of 2010 from a local shelter. She came in with 24 other small dogs from a puppy mill. She had been used for breeding and was horribly neglected and terribly scared. She had never felt the touch of a human, had never walked in grass and never had any medical Read More

Decker a/k/a Pootle

Decker was one of nine puppies running wild with his homeless mother in West Virginia. She was a wonderful mother taking care of all her pups. Thank God someone was able to catch her and all her pups which were only a few weeks old. Eventually all the puppies found wonderful homes and their mother Read More


I went to the ARL looking for a dog. As I entered, a man stopped me to tell me about a little poodle mix who had been hit by a car and had his leg amputated. Just then a volunteer walked thru the door with that little poodle, weighed 7 pounds, stitches and matted on Read More


Little Mo really needed a family. I met him at the shelter where I volunteer, the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh, PA. I saw him each week when I went in, and I got to know him better and better. Sadly, no one else wanted to adopt this guy, and he got passed by. The Read More


We had always wanted a big, fluffy dog but had never had one. I saw Chopper on the website of the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh, PA. He was gorgeous! When we went down to meet him, he was sick with kennel cough, but we adopted him anyway. That was five years ago. He is Read More


We had recently lost our Airedale mix who we adopted from the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1999. We went back to the ARL to find a new pup, but the new dog had a tall order to fill. The dog had to be good with small kids and get along with our Read More


Hershey is a 5 year old pit bull Boston terrier mix. 4 years ago he was brought to the Animal Rescue League (ARL) as a stray where I volunteer. Since then he has represented ARL as an ambassador for shelter dogs and pit bulls as a breed at over 100 events. He earned his Canine Read More


We went to Animal Rescue League to meet Chance after seeing him on their web-sight. It was there free adoption day and we were hoping he was still there when it was our turn. I always wanted a basset hound! I finally got to take him for a walk and spend a little time with Read More

GiGi (formerly known as Xena)

In January 2011, my sister and I went to Austin Pets Alive! to find “a sweet old gal who needed a break.” After showing us a few 6-year-olds that didn’t seem to fit us, the staffer showed us ‘Xena,’ a 9-year-old German Shepherd mix who was the canine equivalent of a Charlie Brown Christmas true Read More


I saw a picture of Sadie on the Family Dogs New life Shelter site in 2009. I knew when I saw her face, she was my dog. She was horribly neglected and abused and the shelter director told me when I went to meet her, she may never be normal. I was warned, but saw Read More

Jaclyn Chan

Jaclyn Chan was confiscated from a cage, on a truck with numerous other dogs headed to the horrific dog meat trade in China. These dogs are tortured and killed for human consumption. I was able to adopt Jaclyn with the help of TACN (Together for Animals In China) and she was flown from Beijing to Read More

Cpl Asur (USMC Ret.)

Asur was a bomb sniffing dog with the United States Marine Corps, after returning from his deployment he suffered a rare form of glaucoma and both eyes were removed. Due to his blindness it was difficult for him to find a home, so we adopted Asur from Camp Pendleton K-9 Unit. He now lives on Read More

Tate (aka Tater)

Hello! I am a volunteer & foster for a wonderful organization in our town, Hope Animal Rescues. Hope started in 2005, when two women, Jackie and Kim, went to help pets abandoned during Hurricane Katrina. My rescue story, is of a little beagle named Tate. Tate was pulled from a gas chamber in Tennessee by Read More


We rescued Ripley just over a year ago. She was bald, fat, and covered in a yeast infection and smelled to high heaven. My husband said no way but of course I won! We gave her about 3-6 months to live because she was a puppy mill mom and was pretty old (they said about Read More


Velvet was rescued in April of 2015 at just 11 months old. Velvet finally found a wonderful home in late October of 2015. A short time later it was discovered that Velvet had an aggressive form of cancer and died 12/12/15. Velvet was such a wonderful dog that loved everyone and everything, dogs, cats, chickens Read More

Rockie Boo

Rockie Boo rescued me & my family on 12-26-06. She’s a puppymill survivor and was only 3 months old when we got her. She was so ill when we brought her home and fought pneumonia twice. She does have a collapsed trachea and we learned quickly how to help her when she has seizures. Her Read More


I always kept in touch with my local animal control center in my town to see all the dogs and cats up for adoption, and always encouraged my friends and family to adopt from shelters and rescues. One day, my friend, who shares the mutual love for animals, posted a picture of this dog named Read More


I went to Petsmart in January 2015 to buy cat litter. I was not looking to adopt a dog because I just lost my dog to liver cancer a couple of weeks prior. Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, IL was there with some of their adoptable dogs. As I was walking by I seen Read More


A little over 4 years ago, my hubby and I went to a rural lumber store owned by friends of ours. We happened to take our two standard poodles that day just for the ride, and while hubby and the owner were talking outside I took our 2 girls for a walk around the property. Read More


We rescued our best friend about 3 years ago from Animal Welfare . He is a great friend and companion . A standard poodle that was left abandoned in a building. No food nor water the police said he was screaming. He is such a joy to be with and so thankfully we found AWL. Read More

ginger sue brooks

Jaclyn Chan was confiscated from a cage, on a truck with numerous other dogs headed to the horrific dog meat trade in China. These dogs are tortured and killed for human consumption. I was able to adopt Jaclyn with the help of TACN (Together for Animals In China) and she was flown from Beijing to Read More

Bubs aka Laddie



Hi! Tam here, the voice of Callie, to tell you about my very own rescue dog, Teddy! Theodore “Teddy” Bear Falcor is such a sweet little guy who loves treats, rolling in rotten smells, and long walks through the neighborhood. Teddy has never seen a ball he didn’t like, and will do tricks just for Read More


It all started when I used to volunteer at my local animal services. I would help walk dogs and go to adoption events, and I also helped by fostering a puppy. I had him for about three weeks before he unfortunately passed away. About a month later I volunteered at one of our off site Read More


Bronson. That is my best friends name. He has white fur and 4 legs. He has got me through so much in the short 2 & 1/2 years that we have had him! He’s so funny and caring. The biggest personality of any dog I know! Just over 2 years ago I started suffering with Read More


I am an EMT and wanted a running companion and of course a furever baby. I found my rescue online through a shelterless rescue. He was going to be deemed U adoptable due to some slight aggression issues and because he was a little older and intimidating looking. I fell in love instantly and adopted Read More


This is a story about ‘Tuukka the Pit’, and it began on the day that she was rescued and brought to a local animal hospital. I received a call from a very excited friend who worked at the hospital insisting that I swing by to take a look at a pittie that had just arrived. Read More


I adopted my pug Charlie through a local pug rescue group. He was the last puppy left in a litter of puppies that belonged to a puppy mill. He was meant for us and is our best little buddy. He has a very cute personality and loves getting his back scratched! He’s a cuddler too!

Bennett, Mylee and LJ

I began rescuing and fostering over 2 years ago, I have fostered litters of kittens with feral moms, bottle babies, people’s thrown away dogs and cats, old, young, healthy and sick but recently I have began fostering hospice and physically disabled dogs. I would like to share my story of 3, now 2 that I Read More


Gator is a 10 year old Xolo. He was tied to a tree for the first 7-8 years of his life, then was owner surrnedered to a High Kill shelter in California. A local rescue picked him up and we were fortunate enough to adopt him! He struggles with a lot of anxietys and had Read More


A couple of years ago my other rescue dog Pebbles developed seizures and had to be put down. I was so devistated I couldn’t be in the room with her when they did it..I didn’t want to see her go in front of me. A decision that I regret now everyday. I feel I left Read More

Penny Lou

Our rescue story is a little different, we have our Penny. Shes 16 years old. She became part of our family at the age of 6. One night I was driving home from work and saw a dog run in the street. I went and picked her up and saw she had tags and took Read More

Django (unchained that is)

My boy big “black” as I often refer to him was found on the streets last November in very, very rough shape. He had a collar that was on him too tight for so long that it grew into his skin. His front teeth were ground down to points and you could see all the Read More

Salem Harper Jones

After falling in love with a special lil case named Baby Hope, I was devastated when Rescue Rovers Found her Furever Home outside of me. However considering it was my first dog, I understood her placement, but doubted I would ever find another companion as sweet as her. I searched pages and pages of shelters Read More


I rescue Basset Hounds. Got a call to get to Topeka Kansas, there was a 7 week old up that needed rescuing ASAP. Drug dealers had bred some bassets and when they couldn’t get big $$$ for the pups and fast they drown 6 pups, they all perished, all except one little pup, they still Read More

Baby Hope

On April 17th 2015 our rescue was asked to help a dying dog. She was very ill and near death. The shelter was going to euthanize her because she was in such rough shape, she told them she wanted to live, so they contacted us (rescue rovers) I volunteered to drive her to the vet, Read More


We adopted Sunny a few days after our yellow lab, Penny, died. 10 days after that Sunny also died from an unknown illness. We were heart broken to say the least. The wonderful foster mom of Sunny asked if we would like to foster a dog. We agreed because I was unsure if I wanted Read More


Willow is the most amazing dog that I’ve ever been around. She’s gentle and sweet, great on leash and eager to learn. She loves to meet other animals – dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and she especially loves children. She inspires me to be interested everything, even then seemingly mundane. I adopted her in January of Read More

Igor Saunders

I have 2 labs and started fostering dogs for Rescue Rovers over the summer. I was waiting for my 6th foster, a german shepard but when the transport arrived from NM he wasn’t there so someone asked me if I wanted this emaciated, limping 1 yr old male pit bull/shepard mix. After seeing Igor, how Read More


We rescued our first girl at 4 mi the and she sadly passed at a year and a half. My family was heart broken and volunteered at adoptions for rescues for about 2 months until we met Sawyer. He was 4 months old and the sweetest thing! He stole our hearts again and they began Read More


I went to an adoption event in April 2014, my German Shepherd I had had since she was a puppy had died about a year earlier and I felt empty without her, it was my birthday and I had told myself that I wouldn’t just get any dog it has to be a special dog. Read More


I was depressed, 300lbs, on four different medications and diagnosed with ptsd and feeling like I was ready to leave this earth. We watching the rescue rovers page for days upon days until finally submitting an application for a few dogs we thought might need saving, the last dog we applied for we were able Read More


I fostered a senior named Buddy. I knew very quickly he would be staying with me forever. We rescued each other really. I loved him so much. Sadly I lost him last summer. I miss him still. Forever in my heart.


Chalkie was in a high kill shelter and pregnant. Our rescue group pulled her from the shelter into a foster home where she gave birth to 11 puppies! She raised them and they all got adopted into loving homes. Then we found out that she had hip dysplasia in both hips and torn ligaments in Read More


We work with a rescue group as fosters. One dog had been adopted and the adopters were no longer able to keep him. We agreed to foster him. We had recently lost one of our own dogs and the pain was real. Starsky came into our lives and helped us heal from the loss of Read More


Lost my great dane the first of the year 2 yrs ago. Went to the utah fair grounds in I think July because I saw a dog on FB. She was a puppy and I wanted an adult dog but when I saw her and held her I couldn’t let go. Shes my heart. Her Read More


Roxie was adopted March 2014.

Duke & Zoey

Zoey and Duke were rescued from a high kill shelter in New Mexico. We adopted Zoey at 10 weeks old in December 2014 and Duke at 5 months old in May 2015. When we adopted Zoey, she had mites and required treatment. They are both perfectly healthy and show us so much love everyday. Rescuing Read More


I have always loved dogs and horses! Animals have always had a soft spot in my heart. My dad always jokes with me and claims that if there was a half alive mouse I would save it and keep it! I Started fostering for Rescue Rocers and have loved every minute. While fostering I came Read More

Duncan McPiggles

Duncan McPiggles was once left abandoned, with only a rope around his neck. His “family” dropped him off at a vet’s office and said they didn’t care what happened to him. And then they just left him, tail wagging as he watched them leave. Luckily, some kind people rescued him and he came to our Read More


I am the proud owner of a rescue dog. Max, my German Shepherd and Labrador mix was in a local city shelter the day my father and I went to go pick out a dog for my 9th birthday. I had always been around animals, especially dogs, and loved them to death but I had Read More


Meet Buster, my foster dog. He was saved from death row at the Brooklyn shelter by FOWA Rescue in August 2015. He was dumped there by his owner who was breeding and selling pit bull puppies. Buster was in rough shape when we got him. He was underweight and had an old injury to his Read More

Buddy Jasso

We rescued Buddy from a puppy rescue that saves puppy’s from being put down in other states. He was our saving grace through our 4th miscarriage.


Eddie was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. Little Edgar was a charmer from day one to everyone! I saw him online with GROWL Rescue (501non-profit organization) and volunteered to foster to adopt him, it was only a couple of days until he had charmed me and indeed found his forever home! He Read More

Misty Mountfort

Misty was at a @Petco adoption event. She was 20 lbs under weight. She had milk as she had recently have had puppies. We were told she was about 18 months old & was pulled from a shelter on death row. I had lost my dog of 13 yrs George only 6 weeks prior to Read More

Jake and Hopper in memory of Goldie and Keely.

Well, I didn’t get either dog that I have now from a rescue, but saved both of them. Jake was purchased for $5 in So. Carolina while I was raveling by bicycle with Goldie, my Chow mix who almost was dumped at the pound by locals in Florida. After about 6 years she died, then Read More


Follow us on FB at We have many rescue dogs worthy to be in your movie Laney is one of hundreds…


I found Joy, our Border Collie, on Petfinder. Her story was so sad. She was rescued by a border collie rescue in Ohio from a horrible Amish puppy mill. Her puppies were taken from her before they were weaned. We found her as she was turning 2. Her name was already Joy because she is Read More


This is Jack! He spent 4 1/2 years in a laboratory. He was rescued by a wonderful org called Beagle Freedom Project. He had never seen anything but the four walls of a sterile lab and the inside of his cage for over 4 years. When he was freed he got to finally see sunlight, Read More


Solo was found as a stray & taken to the local shelter. He was very shy when I first brought him home. He wouldn’t come out when people came over, he wouldn’t let strangers pet him, he didn’t like to go in public. However after socialization with doggie daycare & training he has become a Read More


Chewbacca was found with his mom & litter mates on the side of the road when he was very young. I remember when I went to the farm where he had been rescued it was love at first sight. Chewbacca has taught me so much & is just the best dog! I’m so thankful for Read More


Savannah was rescued from a life of breeding in a puppy mill. She came to rescue without a name, just a number. She was terrified of everything & only wanted to sit in her kennel all day long. Then one day out of nowhere Savannah ran out of her kennel to join her new siblings Read More

Diego Johnson

Diego was rescued out side of our house. He had an old broken hip and was emaciated. We took him in and posted in all found ads. We decided we would keep him and he has been in our lives for several years now. He is our “OC, original Chihuahua” he is 12 years old Read More

Boogie Porter

Boogie was rescued by my daughter from a household of alcohol and abuse. He was a biter who attacked everyone and now he has become a service pet , my savior and his behavior is so different. He’s a sweetheart. He has rescued me if anything.I was very sick and he came into my life Read More


I’m a behaviorist and I work with many of the rescues here in the tri state area my gift is the ability to address severe behavior issues so one day I get a call from a woman who asked me to help her with a dog she rescued herself. She start with an amazing story Read More


A family a friend and I had been helping had taken in 2 golden retrievers. One was very submissive and let all of the other dogs eat her food. When we adopted her she had no name, 3 kinds of worms, and starving (weighing only 26 pounds, and should have been about 40). You could Read More

Vivian, Snickers, Squeaky, Cody, Layla and Sheldon

I have committed to rescuing dogs and cats one at a time. My specialty is senior, special needs and hospice adoptions or fosters. The dogs I have named are recent rescues…some have passed and some are safely thriving. As a senior myself, I am sympathetic to the fagility of old dogs lives. My house is Read More


On July 5th, 2013 I toured a NY shelter and saw Indy. She had been found tied to a bench in a heatwave. No food, water, unable to stand. When the fireworks ended and the people cleared, Indy was found. Yonkers Animal Shelter was unsure if Indy would make it. I saw the longing in Read More


My family and I have always LOVED dogs, especially pugs! For my 16th birthday I wanted a dog that I could call mine. I had always dreamed of having a black pug so just a week before my birthday Peppa went up for adoption. I was super excited! We immediately said we wanted her. About Read More

Big Bear

In Feb. 2012 our 13 yr. old Layla passed, peacefully. I had collected all her toys, food, treats ect and brought them to our local shelter to donate them. They wanted to see pics of her and her older brother Clapton who had passed a few years before. We were really grieving Layla’s passing and Read More


It was over the Easter weekend in 2013 whilst in the local outdoor shop when a friend sent a picture of a beagle in a kennel but with no message attached. My husband called the friend who said he was in the local shelter looking for a cat when they saw a beagle and thought Read More


We rescued Harley our Golden Retreiver from the pound when he was 2 and he’s now 9 and we adore him. He is a a ball of Golden love! I fell in love with him the moment I saw him in his pound cell with four little chihuahuas! He was sweet enough to be impounded Read More

Frankie Lucas Burton-Raney

I found my 2 1/2 lb longhair teacup chihuahua in a shelter after my dog Ryder was killed by a dog. I didn’t really want any other kind of dog. I never dreamed I would find frank. He really rescued me.


After my lil one passed away, I started looking for a new baby. My friend told me he was going to LA for 5 days business and as I had not found a fluffy BOL in San Francisco he told me to look on the Shelter sites and if I saw one he would bring Read More


Kronos is a 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix. He is unique in looks and character with frosty fur and giraffe speckled lanky legs. He has one icy blue eye and one fiery silver-gold. Kronos was born as a stray on the side of the road. Mom and pups were pulled by ACDR after Read More


It’s thwee years since Mudda an’ mees human Brudda dwove all de way to Lincoln to Doris Bsnham Rescue to take a look at mees in mees kennel. Dey bwought Harry wiv dem to see if wees hit it off…Bol!…wees ignored each other ! But I stared her out to make sure she took mees. Read More

Oscar (shih tzu) and Lilou (pitbull)

Hi there, Hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out with a “Rescue DogS” story that is extremely close to my heart. In June 2013, a horrific dogfighting operation was busted in Brooklyn, NY, from which nearly a dozen severely abused pitbulls were taken and brought to the NYC Animal Care & Control, only Read More


My Name Is Milk and I am rescue pup saved from criminal activity by our local shelter at only a few weeks of age. I was one foster puppy of a litter of seven, and I was the lucky one to have a spotlight on TV! My new mom found me on a post by Read More

Scruff Pup and Carpa

I have rescued 2 greyhounds, 1 Weimaraner, and currently have 2 recuse from the streets of Romania, which I acquired through an amazing group of people, called Snoopy’s Rescue. They both came as 4 month old pups, and are now 12 months and 10 months old. Such gorgeous dogs and I wouldn’t be without them Read More


I rescued my dog by adopting hi from the animal shelter then later that month i found out he has a heart problem so if it weren’t for me he wouldn’t be here now


I had a common issue among woman with cervical cancer that led me to not have any kids in my mid 30’s. I thought I would be able to handle not having any children in my life, not being able to hear anyone call me “mommy” or “grandma” began to break my heart. I became Read More


We took Freddie up to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, and my partner got him to sit still atop a rock and snapped as many photos as he could get. He was safely leashed (I held the other end), so all he had to do was pose. As I watched, I thought of where Read More

Teddy A-gy

My little dog Teddy A-gy was rescued with hundreds and hundreds of other dogs in Thailand. He and the other dogs were stuffed into metal cages piled on top of one another on a lorry which was found in a jungle area. The dogs were en route to Vietnam or China for dog food and Read More


I saw a photo of a dog whose eyes touched my heart. Those eyes were the eyes of a street dog in Romania. Who had been brutally captured by dog catchers and taken to a place called a shelter. Was hell a shelter ? because that’s just what life was like for this poor little Read More

Charlie and Ellie

Im a pawparent of two wonderful furbabies. Charlie and Ellie but it all started with Charlie. Because of him I’m a huge dog lover and now I want to rescue every unwanted and unloved furball. I literally stop in the middle of the road if I see a stray. All I want is to get Read More

Hoss Baby

I saw a small dog chained up. He was a skeleton. I ask the man if I could feed him and he said yes. And I did and I gave him formula every day for at least a few months. I ask if I could find a home for him because he didn’t want him. Read More


I was at my moms house. and I heard a puppy crying. I found Xena under moms BBQ grill. It was a winter storm coming that night. she was wet and cold and would not of survived in that weather. I brought her home and had to keep her in a kennel away from our Read More


Cheyenne was on a chain. No food or water . It made me sick And the owner finally after a few months of me feeding and watering her.they moved and give her to me and I found a temporary home and then decided to keep her. she came back to me and we fell in Read More


I have always loved dogs but never had one of my own until a little rescue dog named Belle came into my life. Tossed aside by some people in south Los Angeles, she was rescued by a couple of kind police officers and, through a friend, found her way to my doorstep. I immediately fell Read More

Toffee (Doggee)

I bought my 2yr old “killer” mastiff/Rottweiler bitch from a pound on the day of her scheduled kill. She was the greatest lover and couch-cuddler/companion ever. Would mind the car while I was in a restaurant or at the movies, better than being home alone. My daughter came along and after a year of separation, Read More


We went to the local dogs home , Hilbrae , in search of a small dog. However , we ended up coming home with a German shepherd. She chose us. Sadie was sharing a kennel with another German Shepherd. She pushed her way to the front of the kennel and showed my husband her puppy Read More


Hi, my name is Yodel i am a red siberian husky and i love to talk. my human parents found me at a shelter, they were looking for fosters to take home until they are ready for a new loving family. Mommy says they heard me from the parking lot and I sounded like an Read More


We got our miniature Yorkie from Finding Furever homes. I saw 1 tweet – (no picture) to say she was an incoming an that was it.. I knew I had to have her for my other dog @littletapas to play with. 300 mile round trip (6 trains, 2 tubes and 2 taxis) later she was Read More


Abandoned and disabled GSD in Bulgaria.An online campaign was set up to raise funds to get her to the UK.A very kind vet performed surgery for free to straighten her legs.Local press coverage all about her story.She joined our family soon after arriving in the UK and a week after our Malinois Shane had passed Read More


I am a miniature wire haired dacshund. I was rescued from the Dogs Trust in Bridgend, Wales. This was the second time I had been put in the Dogs Trust. The first time was because my owner got poorly, the second time was due to what was called ‘Housing issues’. Now I live in Wiltshire Read More

Mr. Nibbles

There was this homless couple an. they had two puppies they were covered in fleas hungry an thirsty we had just got off. The streets our selves after 4 years we had a home so I told the couple can I take the puppies home. With me. they wouldn.t let. go of. The girl puppy Read More

Dexter and Kenzi

Our two dogs Dexter and Kenzi are the loves of our lives.. they are the best dogs anyone could ask for Dexter was a very nervous puppy when we got Dexter him he hated going for walks and would wet himself when out on walks but now he is full of live and loves nothing Read More


This is Riley. He was rescued almost two years ago for Big Dog Rescue Ranch in a wellington, florida. RILEY was a scared young pup who wouldn’t even jump in my car. ( I had to carry him in ) he came to me at a low point in my life and I was just Read More

Woofie & Bear

I found Woofie & Bear on Facebook. They were in the Bakersfield shelter, and it was a bad time for this shelter. Parvo had struck, and dogs were dying. woofie had spent the summer in a high school parking lot before they caught him. Bear’s people gave him up. I offered to foster them. Then Read More


I adopted Phoebe from the county shelter I volunteer at. When I brought her home I found out she was utterly terrified of men! She must have been badly mistreated by a male at some point. My husband and I worked with her on the fear for several months and now she’s like Cinderella at Read More

Julius “Edward”

After 5 years, Edwards family no longer have him in their home. They were either moving or had a new baby; not sure why you would give up a pup! The French a bulldog Rescue Network scooped up Edward. I applied for this sweet lovable guy. I adore him. I sure am happy he found Read More

Philbert Winston

I came across an ad on Craigslist for a St. Bernard and it sounded desperate. After inquiring back and receiving a photo of him in deplorable conditions, looking sad and in need of health care (and love), we knew he was ours and we HAD to rescue him. When we met to see him, he Read More

Bella (Beautiful)

Bella, our friendly, black lab X tripawd, was rescued out of a horde situation that had 19 cats in the home. As a result, we knew she was the right fit for our cat home. Bella, who came from Hay River, North West Territories, somehow lost her front right leg…was she hit by a car Read More


Gunny a French mastiff was found by a Norfolk SPCA worker walking down the street with a little white dog. We were out looking for a little dog for me. My husband saw “Brett” Gunny in a pen enjoying a chewy treat. I told him to ask if we could visit with him. He said Read More

Penny the Pit Bull

Hi there everyone, my name is Penny The Pit Bull! My story is not a heartbreaking one but rather one that has become all too common. See, my mommy was bred to give birth to those gorgeous blue nose pit bulls. When she gave birth to me and my little brothers and sisters, one of Read More


I have always owned at least one German Shepherd during my life. I always get my dogs via animal shelters or dog rescue groups. My most recent acquisition was Rocky. He’s a 8 year old rescue found hit by a car in upstate Michigan. A generous donor paid for his vet bills. By the time Read More

alliyah and gabriel

my beautiful angel cymonne who passsed away from cancer in june was one of my true angels, my 2 beautiful rescue dogs alliyah her daughter and my rescue Gabriel have helped me cope with the loss of her, ive been sober of off drugs for over 10 ,years now because of my lil pack,


In 2006 I recused my Alley from a shelter. She had been returned 2 times and I was her last hope. She has moved from KS to TN to VA to AZ with me. She is very empathic and been there for me when no one else has. She is 12 years old now. Hope Read More


Sterling is a pure bred AKC Lavender Pomeranian whom was purchased off Craigslist from a commercial breeding operation. Being a puppy mill dog he does have his challenges but his happy, winning personality brings a lot of joy to me and people who follow our rescue on YouTube and FaceBook.


I first saw Flash when he got hit by a car and came running out from beneath it. I followed him in my car and finally found him cornered in a yard. He was very matted, malnourished, and had a deep cut on his head. After some stitches, a shave and bath, and some food, Read More

Master Splinter

Master Splinter is a 12 year old mix that was isolated in a cage alone in a back room in hoarders house filled with trash and feces for his entire life. Splinter was rescued on March 28, 2015 from Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue and treated for his extensive medical issues due to neglect. Splinter is Read More

Zoe and Phoenix

I rescued my two dogs separately. We got Zoe first (dog pictured on the right in the photo). I had been a dog groomer my whole adult life and had left my family dog behind when I moved out. I felt like I was the only dog groomer in the world with no dog. We Read More


Jack is a rescue dog .We have always had dogs in our family. Jack is 8 years old and was rescued from a puppy mill. . We saved jacks life but in truth he saves our lives everyday . He is endlessly happy and loving . Jack get me and wife out for walks . Read More

Faith the Surfing Pit Bull

tory: I found Faith and her brother Action Ace, while at work in November of 2012. I responded to a call of two Pitbulls chasing people in the parking garage. Upon arrival I first see Faith, she was dirty and very skinny, and I observed that there was a belt around her neck, as I Read More


RAMBO was found walking the streets of San Diego. Pick up by the local Shelter, Rambo was broken down, a mess. He had kennel cough, teeth missing, and old age was against him. Rambo was 10. No one wanted him. The local Jack Russell Rescue of San Diego picked him up out of the shelters Read More


I rescued a year old English Bulldog that wears diapers due to being incontinent from abuse last year. She was in a high kill shelter in Arkansas. She entered the shelter when she was a few months old. From what the shelter could tell me, a person found her on the side of the road Read More


I have been in animal rescue for 5 years. I have seen and heard it all! Riley came to me recently by way of a very high kill shelter. She was found as a stray. No one came for her. She sat day after day waiting, and nothing. There is only a three day stray Read More


We found our dog while on a Boy Scout campout. He had been on his own for some time, surviving in part by digging through fire pits for scraps. He hung out with us because the boys were sharing their snacks with him. At the end of the weekend, he chased each car as they Read More


I have always wanted a Great Dane, but being a rescue only house with 3 dogs already, it didn’t seem likely. When my husband decided that I could have one IF one came into the shelter (Arizona Animal Welfare league) that we work with that I could have it. It was quite rare for one Read More


Our pup was rescued after being abandoned and abused as a puppy. He was extremely timid and so scared of everything and everybody. He was between 1 year to 2 years old and about 100 lb rot/shepard mix. He is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful black Shepard coat with Rottweiler markings. He was however intimating and because Read More