‘Cat Dracula’ Rory Seeks Loving Family

Four-year-old Rory can’t seem to catch a break. The black cat has been constantly overlooked as an adoptable furry pal, due to his super cool fang teeth. The purrr-fect kitty has been dubbed “Count Dracula,” which hasn’t helped to bring in the adoption applications. If you’re across the pond, Rory is currently with the Battersea Read More

Adorable Dog with Half a Jaw is Full of Heart

This cutie has been dubbed Mr. Jelly Lord, after a famous jazz pianist. He was rescued by Unleashed in Kansas City when he was put on the euthanasia list due to his serious injuries. The poor canine was missing half his jaw, his ears were severely disfigured and his puppy paws were raw. “Anyone can Read More

Movie and Charity Determined to Get Dog Adopted by Set Date

Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA (AAWL) and Rescue Dogs the Movie have teamed up to find a forever home for an 18-month-old bull terrier mix by April 7. The pairing emerged from the Arizona-based nonprofit’s partnership with the film for opening weekend in Phoenix. The family film stars real rescue animals and shows the Read More

Dog Presumed Lost at Sea Reappears 5 Weeks Later

A dog that had been presumed dead for over a month after falling off a fishing boat is alive and well! Navy officials discovered the pooch on an island in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego, California. The German shepherd, Luna, went missing on February 10 about two miles off of San Read More

Against the Odds, Veterinarians Save Life of Extremely Small Pup

On March 1, 2016, a puppy was brought into the San Jose Animal Care Center in critical condition. A good samaritan had discovered the pup two days before abandoned in a park and had attempted to bring it back to health by feeding her milk. Veterinarians determined the tiny dog—weighing less than a pound—was hypothermic Read More

Hey Girl…Ryan Gosling Just Saved a Dog’s Life

You may have heard of Ryan Gosling’s heroism in the past. He’s been known to break up fights in New York City and casually save reporters from speeding cars. Now Gosling can add rescuing a dog to his list of good deeds on his way to sainthood. While on a date with Eva Mendes in Read More

Movie and Charity Team up to Find Dog Forever Home

Although Rihanna was a bit of an Internet sensation back in 2013—getting her death row rescue story reposted on social media thousands of times—it may be surprising to discover the pup is still up for adoption three years later. By this time next month though, Second Chance Rescue and Rescue Dogs the Movie intend to Read More

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Amazing Video

A KYTX news report about a tornado was (rightfully) interrupted when the newscaster noticed a dog on a lawnmower out of the corner of her eye. Turning away from the Malakoff, Texas, tornado damage, the camera pans over to catch the insanely adorable pup chilling on the lawnmower with his paw on the steering wheel—like Read More

23 Dogs Saved from Dog Meat Trade Find Furever Homes

In December 2015, the Humane Society International rescued 23 dogs from the South Korean dog meat trade industry. The poor pups were living in unimaginable conditions, waiting for slaughter. We’re happy to report that ALL 23 canines have found loving furever homes! “I just wanted them to be able to get out and live a Read More

Abducted Dog Finally Reunited with Pet-Parent

A year ago Barry Gearhart faced what dog-parents fear the most. His loving Pit Bull, Titan, was stolen out of his truck without a trace. The West Palm Beach, Florida, resident searched all over his local neighborhoods and posted relentlessly on social media but to no avail. He feared the worst—that he’d never see Titan Read More

19-Years-Young Dog to be Happily Spoiled in his Golden Years

This sweet senior is Tiger. The 19-years-young dog was surrendered to a shelter in Los Angeles on March 4 without a reason from his owners. Leave No Paws Behind saved the day and has taken him in, and the vet over at East Valley Veterinary Clinic has given the Spaniel the medical all-clear for his Read More

The Cat Club Helps Kitties Find Purr-ever Homes

The Cat Club Rescue Group, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is on a mission to help the homeless cats of Los Angeles—one cat-paign at a time. The rescue group was founded by Holly Meowy, a cat enthusiast who’s been rescuing kitties since she was six-years-old. The team consists of Holly and her model-friends. “We’re a new breed Read More

New York and Ohio say NO to Puppy Mills

Hurray! We’re so excited to share that bills have been signed into law in New York and Ohio to crack down on puppy mills. FINALLY. Although breeders will still legally be able to sell puppies for profit, the bill will improve thousands of puppy lives, and is definitely a step in the right direction. Local Read More

Wise 182-Pound Dog Saves 5-Year-Old

Sharlene and Mark Cannon always thought it a bit odd that their 182-pound Dogue de Bordeaux, Alfie, would place himself next to their son’s right side when together. “We always just thought it was a funny coincidence that Alfie would only sit or walk on one side of him,” Sharlene says. Then last year Mark Read More

Your Cat is Definitely Speaking to You

Finally! Animal behavior scientists can prove your cat is in fact trying to communicate with you. Their findings even suggest humans and their cats can develop their own secret meow-language together. So, good news—You’re not a crazy cat lady! The Science of Us has created this purr-fect video to explain the latest findings, which includes Read More

Every Animal Adopted at Ohio Shelter

One Ohio shelter’s dreams came true when all of their rescue animals found new homes in a single day: 93 animals in 90 minutes! The County of Summit Animal Control Facility in Akron, Ohio, formerly housed 93 cats and dogs hoping to find their fur-ever homes. Today the facility is empty. Last week, workers and Read More

Bonnie-Jill Laflin Discusses What’s Next for Hounds and Heroes

Known for being the first (and only!) female scout in the NBA, Bonnie-Jill Laflin is also an active animal rights and rescue advocate. The actress, model, sportscaster, and former cheerleader started rescuing animals at a very young age; her family saved horses and all of their dogs came from the pound. Instead of receiving the Read More

There’s No Stopping This Penguin

Blindy the Penguin lives in New Zealand’s Flea Bay with over 2,500 other penguin pals. At just 12 weeks old, Blindy has a story that stands out from the rest. Blindy was born without functioning eyes and has a malformed head and beak, which makes the penguin difficult to be gendered. Shireen Helps, owner of Read More

The Happiest Dog in the World

Bella the Rottweiler is so excited about her new trampoline. Can you tell? Watch two minutes of pure bliss as the dog discovers the joys of this wonderful bouncy creation. If you can’t get enough of animals gleefully jumping on trampolines, we’ve found an extra special video just for you!