Quasi the Great—The Latest Internet Sensation!

Though it’s been just one week since Quasi the Great’s Facebook page was created, the German Shepherd dog living with short spine syndrome has over 70,000 followers. The 4-year-old stray was originally found in Kentucky, and has since made his way into the hearts of a nonprofit rescue organization in Minnesota called Secondhand Hounds. “He’s Read More

Your Favorite Internet Cat—Lil Bub

You might have heard about Lil Bub before, the cat that became an internet sensation in 2012 because of her unique adorable looks, but do you know her whole story? In July 2011, Lil Bub and the rest of her feral litter were rescued from a tool shed in rural Indiana at just a few Read More

Man Rushes to Save Puppy Spotted on Freeway Cam

A puppy trapped on Valley Freeway during rush hour traffic owes his life to Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reporter Gil Estrada. Initially Estrada watched helplessly via traffic cam from Phoenix’s Traffic Operations Center as the dog meandered through traffic. “It was hard to watch,” Estrada told KNXV-TV. “The dog kept getting so close to Read More

3D-Printed Legs Give Derby the Dog a New Leash on Life

A disabled dog named Derby can now run, thanks to his new, 3D-printed prosthetic legs. Derby was born with disfigured front limbs and was initially only able to crawl. When 3D Systems employee Sherry Portanova adopted the husky, she knew she wanted to improve his quality of life. In Portanova’s first attempt, she fitted Derby Read More

Viral Photo Helps Hugging Rescue Dogs Find Home

A charity partner of Rescue Dogs the Movie, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Inc. (Angels Rescue), saved two lives just in the nick of time last summer. On July 20th, 2015, pups Kala and Keira were photographed by Etowah Valley Humane Society just moments before being rescued from euthanization at a Georgia rural shelter. The Read More

The Unsung Hero: Independent Animal Rescuers

  Although some independent animal rescuers raise money through crowdfunding websites, Louisiana resident Dana Smith pays veterinarian bills and dog-fostering and transferring expenses out of her own pocket. “I have a running tab with my vet here,” Smith said. “As of January 2015, I had a 10 cent credit with him. Now $9,000 later, I’m Read More

Sylva Kelegian: The Journey of an Actress into the World of Dog Rescue

For twelve years, actress and author Sylva Kelegian has dedicated her spare time to being an independent animal rescuer. An estimated 600 dogs have been placed in forever homes as a result of her efforts. The Los Angeles resident explained, “It can take over your life, because the problem is so big.” Kelegian’s initial interest in Read More

Tyrone’s Journey: From Feral Pup to Social Sweetheart

At seven months old, feral pit bull Tyrone was taken to South Utah Valley Animal Shelter where the staff loved and worked with him every day. Rescue Rovers soon found him a foster home with Launi Leclaire, but Tyrone’s feral nature made him a challenging addition to her home. Tyrone ran away in three days, Read More

You and Your Dog can be in a Movie!

  RESCUE DOGS the movie will bound into theaters in Spring 2016, and your pup could be on the big screen! RESCUE DOGS is a first-of-its-kind family feature film that actually stars real rescue dogs (and rescue cat and rescue hamster) as the lead animal characters! Not only will the movie be in theaters entertaining Read More

Welcome to Rescue Dog Stories by Rescue Dogs the Movie

Here at RESCUE DOGS the Movie blog we like to bring you moving stories of rescue animals. We are a big believers in the “Who Rescued Who” mantra. (Shout out to Imagine This Company for creating it.) We created RESCUE DOGS for that very reason, we love rescue animals and the joys they bring to our lives. Read More