Baron (Charger)

Baron was rescued as a puppy by the Arizona Animal Welfare League, where he was fostered by Susan VanWormer, mother of Courtney Daniels (Actress, Producer on RESCUE DOGS). While fostering, Susan called Courtney and said “I have got the perfect dog for you!” Courtney adopted Baron and introduced him to his 3 brothers and the rest is Rescue history! RESCUE DOGS was Baron’s big screen debut, and he only had two weeks to prepare. Intense training with his pet parents and a couple trainers, he managed to pull off a treat-worthy performance!

Apollo (Nightmare)

Quite possibly one of the most loving cats ever, Apollo had been kept as a breeding cat, locked in 4 x 4 cage most of his first 3 years. Once he was removed from this situation, he was adopted by Courtney Daniels and began spending his time with anyone who would sit under him! A constant cuddle buddy, Apollo will curl up with any human or dog he can find to hang out with. RESCUE DOGS marks the first film for Apollo, and even though it took till he was 13 to get his chance, he was ready and crushed it!

Callie (Herself)

The story of Callie begins thousands of miles away. A good friend of Michael wanted to adopt a dog from a kill shelter in her home state of Georgia. Falling head over heels for a beautiful mixed breed, she set off from California to Georgia. A day into her drive, she received a call from the shelter with news that her dog was pregnant and there were now four puppies in the rural Georgia shelter. They notified her that these puppies would stay in the kill shelter but the clock was ticking and asked if she could find adoptive parents for them. Having supported their friend throughout the entire event, Michael and his wife started to see the stars line up with the idea of bringing a four-legged companion into their home. Upon viewing photos online, they learned that one of the puppies was born without a tail and had a hard time walking. They knew this was their girl, this was their Callie!

Hambone (Himself)

Hambone was a stray dwarf hamster who ended up in the West Los Angeles Shelter’s “pocket pet” room (a room that many people don’t know exists). Jordan and his girlfriend, Tia, rescued him, took him home and loved him immediately. As for training though, he always did his own thing and in the end it worked out perfect! Turns out that the only thing Rescue Dogs needed was for Hambone to be his awesome, all natural, self!