Word Games with Sandpipers: Word Hunt


Welcome! We’re sandpipers and the narrators of Rescue Dogs the Movie. So naturally, we’ll be here every Wednesday spreading the word—ha!—about our favorite word games.


We thought we’d kick things off with a fun word hunt. That’s right, an actual word search! This is perfect for any youngins who love finding hidden items and are just learning to read.


The level of difficulty is up to you—over time you can select more challenging words. Bonus: It can be played both indoors and outside.


Let’s get started!



— Post-its

— Paper

— Pencil

Optional: Clipboard



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  1. Write words on post-it notes and stick them around the house.

  2. Make a Word Hunt page to match the post-it notes. If you have a clipboard, attach the sheet to it for tallying ease.

  3. Read through the words together with the kiddies a few times and send them off with the sheet to begin the hunt!



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The youngsters will enjoy searching while learning and recognizing words. Additionally, they can practice tallying and counting how many of each word they find.


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Feel free to change up the game to better-fit your family! You can encourage children to form sentences from the words they’ve found. Not into tallying? Just stick the post-it note directly onto the word’s box on the Word Hunt sheet—it’s also a quick clean-up tactic.


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When the activity winds down, stick the post-its together to use them again next time.


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We hope you enjoyed this week’s Word Games with Sandpipers! Share your favorite word game in the comments below, and don’t miss out next Wednesday for more entertaining wordplay.


h/t: Walking by the Way


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