Word Games with Sandpipers: Word Dominoes


Welcome back this lovely Wednesday to Word Games with us, the Sandpipers and narrators of Rescue Dogs the Movie.


This week’s game is all about those brief, consonant-vowel-consonant words, or CVC words. These are the short, single-syllable words (such as d-o-g and c-a-t) we learn when we first begin to read and spell.


We hope you and your beginning-readers enjoy Word Dominoes! Who doesn’t love to have fun AND learn?


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— 20 popsicle sticks

— Markers

— List of 40 CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words


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  1. Write CVC words on the sticks randomly.

  2. Feel free to decorate the sticks.

  3. That’s it!


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There are a few ways to play the game. Players can match beginning letters (e.g.: cat/cot, mop/mat), or they can match words that rhyme (cat/mat, got/cot). Sticks are divided up between players and there should be one stick in the center to begin.


Whichever player has a word that matches the starting stick goes first. The game continues just like the usual dominoes game, with players taking turns matching. If someone cannot add a stick, that person skips a turn.


The first person to use up their sticks wins!


Tip: the more sticks, the better. To add additional layers to the game, have each player use the matching words in a sentence before placing the stick or come up with more rhyming words.


Do you have other game extension suggestions? How did your family like Word Dominoes? Share your experiences in the comments below and check back next Wednesday for more Word Games with Sandpipers!


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