Word Games with Sandpipers: Storytelling Prompts


Happy Wednesday! This week’s Word Games with Sandpipers goes back to the basics of storytelling—the ‘where to begin?’


As narrators of the Rescue Dogs Movie, we sandpipers love to start stories, but sometimes we need a prompt to help brainstorm.


We hope after this game you and your family will enjoy a day filled with entertaining stories.


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— Paper

— Pen

— Scissors

— Jar



  1. Brainstorm story prompts (or use our suggested prompts!) and write them on paper.

  2. Cut out the prompts and fold them to fit inside the jar or bag.


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Prompt Suggestions:

— Two children find a treasure chest…what’s inside?

— Look over there! Did you see that giant…

— I thought it would be a boring day until I walked into the kitchen and found…

— An elephant and a mouse are best friends. How did they meet?

— One day a family of dogs decided to adopt a family pet…

— The three little pigs invite Goldilocks and the three bears over for dinner…

— On a bright and sunny summer day, the snow began to fall…


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Have each person pull a slip of paper from the jar and create a story based on the prompt. Whether it’s written or spoken aloud is up to you!


This game can occupy an individual as a fun writing activity, or the whole family can spend time as a group creating and listening to stories together.


If a story hits a roadblock, it helps to ask a few questions to get the creative juices flowing again. Who else is there? Where did the character go next? Remember to ask about the character’s five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. And don’t forget the five Ws: who, what, when, where and why?


Thanks for checking out this Word Games with Sandpipers. What types of stories did your family members tell? Share how your Storytelling Prompts activity went in the comments below.


h/t: Kitchen Counter Chronicles


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