Word Games with Sandpipers: Roll a Story


Hello, again! As you know, we’re sandpipers and narrate Rescue Dogs the Movie. We’re glad you could join us for more Word Games.


We thought this week we could focus on our favorite type of word game—storytelling!


“Roll A Story” is simple to set up, fun AND educational. So get ready for a creative way to bring the entire family together.



— Dice

— Paper

— Pencil/Pen


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  1. On a spare piece of paper, make four columns: Character, Setting, Problem and one for dice numbers.

  2. In the dice column, list the number of dots as one through six.

  3. Check out our example to brainstorm what to include in the other three columns. We’ve included both realistic and creative options.


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The game is simple: each player rolls a die three times. The first roll gives them a character, the second offers a setting, and the third is the problem or scenario.


Now, let the storytelling begin!


Each person comes up with a story to go with the three elements they’ve been given. For another variation, have players roll a second or third round to come up with two or three sets of story scenarios to combine into one.


This is a great exercise to hone skills in narration, articulation and voice. It’s also entertaining to hear what sort of solution each person comes up with for their character’s “problem.”


Let us know your version of Roll a Story by sharing in the comments below. What sort of stories did your family tell? Be sure to come back next Wednesday for more Word Games with Sandpipers!


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h/t: Crazy Speech World


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